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Video: Behind the scenes at USF1

Many people, including myself, have voiced concerns at USF1’s ability to be ready in time for the 2010 season. While they have not fully answered those doubts, they have kept their promise of using social media to keep fans updated.

This time, they have released a video, split into 2 parts, which takes the fans through the factory, and explains the goings-on behind the scenes.

This is completely in contrast to teams like Campos, who reveal no details of how they are getting on. This may help to quell concerns over USF1’s future.


No launch for Williams FW32- and first Williams picture of Barrichello

Williams have announced that they are not to hold an official launch for their 2010 car, the FW32.

Instead, the car will make its debut on the 1st February, at the first test day, in Valencia. However, USF1, Lotus and Red Bull have already announced that they are not to appear at the first test.

After the failed plan for a joint launch in Valencia, some teams have decided to skip “launch season” and go straight to testing.

Also, Rubens Barrichello has been pictured for the first time in the Williams outfit. For copyright reasons, I can’t copy the picture onto this site, but you can see the picture here.

Cosworth engines ready to be shipped

The Cosworth CA2010 engines

The Cosworth CA2010 engines

Engine supplier Cosworth have announced that their supplies of CA2010 engines for 5 teams were completed ahead of schedule before Christmas, and are ready to be shipped.

Mark Gallagher, Cosworth’s general manager, said:

“The first batch of CA2010 units is boxed and ready for our customers to press ahead with installation, fire-up and initial testing.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing them all on track next month since there is still a lot of work to do before the season starts.”

“After the very busy summer and autumn months when we were putting our program together it has been very rewarding to see the first engines ready for action thanks to the hard work of everyone here at Cosworth and our suppliers.”

Cosworth are to return to Formula 1 for the first time since 2006, supplying Williams, Lotus, Virgin, Campos and USF1 for next season.

USF1 to test F1 car in Alabama

The bottom hairpin of the Barber Motorsport Park

The bottom hairpin of the Barber Motorsport Park

USF1 have announced that they are to test their F1 car in the Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama early next month. This circuit has been revealed as the circuit the FIA nominated for them.

The team will spend 3 test sessions there, before ending the cars off to Spain for the final tests.

The Barber Motorsport Park is 400 miles from the team’s base in Charlotte. Although it is shorter (3.7km) than F1 tracks, it features a lot more gradient, and 17 turns. As a method of comparison, the current lap record was set by Will Power in an IRL car, at 1’09.455.

Despite the fact that they still have not signed any drivers for 2010, Peter Windsor still believes that USF1 will definitely be on the grid in Bahrain. He also described the rumours against them as “ludicrous”.

Regarding his drivers, he said: “We are very close to announcing our drivers. We’ve been talking to some great racing drivers over the last couple of months, and it is very difficult to choose between the good drivers that are around. I think there are still a lot on offer and the difficult thing will be to choose only two out of the ten that are available.”

Track layout of Barber Motorsport Park

Track layout of Barber Motorsport Park

The 2009 F1 Review- The new teams for 2010

As opposed to the first 4 parts of my 2009 review, this part is dedicated to the new teams for 2010: Virgin, Campos, Lotus and USF1.

The Lotus F1 team is nothing like the Lotus of the past, except in name. It is now owned by 1Malaysia, and run by Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of Air Asia. Money seems to have helped the team start off, as Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen are two very talented drivers. Also, Mike Gascoyne’s arrival as chief technical officer will have a large impact on the car’s design.

The team’s plans appear to be on schedule, according to Tony Fernandes. However, before the season has already begun, the team has already decided where they need to finish: anywhere ahead of Virgin. As you will probably know, there is know a bet between Fernandes and Richard Branson (principal of Virgin Racing). Whichever team loses next year to the other, that team prinicpal must work for a day, as an air stewardess in the other’s airline! Whatever happens, it is sure to motivate both teams well.

The Virgin Racing team started off by announcing its drivers as Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi. Again, another good pairing. Glock has speed and experience, while di Grassi can hopefully grow, in his first year of F1. Virgin’s car is to be designed using only CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics), which is the first ever F1 team to do so. This plan may either fail or succeed hugely, depending on how good the technology is. To be honest, I want it to work, because otherwise we may see Branson in a stewardesses costume!

Lotus are so confident of beating Virgin, they have even picked out an outfit!

Lotus are so confident of beating Virgin, they have even picked out an outfit!

Campos are probably the least reported new team for next year, because they make the least noise about anything they’re doing. The problem is, they appear to have very little done at all. Bruno Senna has been confirmed as one of their drivers, and that’s it. Their website is practically useless, as all they do is advertise for small positions within the team. This concern has been repeated by Bernie Ecclestone, who in December, said that he doubts they will be ready for the 2010 season. We will have to wait and see what happens next.

The Campos Meta logo

The Campos Meta logo

While Campos appear to be failing quietly, USF1 appear to be failing with an enormous bang. They came in claiming to be the first ever “all-American” team, which would be based in America, try to use American parts, and hire American drivers. However, no drivers from the US will be avilable until at least 2011, most of their parts suppliers are European, and the team is secondarily based in Spain. Worse than that, they have hired no drivers at all yet. The ony progress they appear to have made yet is their company base, in Charlotte, is up and running.