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Campos insists he will make it to the grid

Adrian Campos

Adrian Campos

The boss of the new team Campos Meta 1, Adrian Campos, has denied speculation concerning his team’s finances, and insists his team will make the grid in Bahrain.

In an interview with BBC Sport, he said that, while he was looking for more money, he would make it to the first race. Sources indicate that A1GP boss Tony Teixeira is interested in buying a stake in the team.

The Italian car constructor, Dallara, also confirmed that Campos was up to date with its payments.

“It is not true, not from our side at least [that Campos are behind on payments],” said Dallara chief executive officer Andrea Pontremoli. “We are still proceeding to build the car and it has passed its crash tests.”

Campos has also talked about his second driver decicion. The team appears to be expecting funds from this new driver, which indicates that they want a pay-driver. Two names that Campos admit they are in talks with are Vitaly Petrov and Pastor Maldonado. There appears to be a third driver in the mix, but Adrian would not say who he was.

The idea of Zoran Stefanovich buying out the team, to rename it Stefan GP, appears to have also been ruled out, with Campos saying:

“I don’t want to sell my part of the team and I will remain the team principal – the condition to be a shareholder is to accept all the existing contracts.”


Teixeira linked with investing in Campos

Tony Teixeira, with Felipe Massa

Tony Teixeira, with Felipe Massa

A1GP boss Tony Teixeira has been linked with a deal to buy a share in the new Campos team, as the team are currently looking to bring in outside investors.

Campos is currently on track to enter the grid in Bahrain, with 1 driver signed, and the car nearly finished, although it may not make the first test in Valencia. However, not enough sponsorship deals have been signed yet, so the team are currently looking at alternate revenue sources. One of these would be getting an outside investor.

Teixeira has been involved in rumours like this before, having interested in the buyout of the Honda team in February 2009. Back then, he said in an interview:

“I was one of the guys talking to Honda in the last two weeks. We had done a deal on Spyker, but I let Vijay [Mallya] take it… We then went to Toro Rosso in November and all the [other] teams said ‘no customer cars’ so I had to walk away.”