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Rome gives up on Grand Prix plans

The planned circuit for the Rome Grand Prix

The planned circuit for the Rome Grand Prix

The speculated Rome Grand Prix has officially been ditched by the city, who now claim that they will be concentrating on hosting the Olympics instead.

From the end of 2009 onwards, it became apparent that Bernie Ecclestone was in negotiations to bring Formula 1 to the Italian city. However, in recent weeks, he has been making remarks that there is not space for two races in the same country.

A long-term contract until 2016 for Monza was another hint, until the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, finally admitted defeat:

"We formally and definitely give up on the hypothesis of a Formula 1 Grand 
Prix in Rome. This move represents a step backwards because we have always 
said we would have done so, should the FIA have posed an alternative between
Rome and Monza.

However, we have an Olympic dream that is still going on: so let's make
clear to Italy and to the world that we want to stage the games in Rome."

With Bernie saying that only one race is allowed per country, surely this also spells concerns for one of the two Spanish races as well?

Monza keeps Italian GP until 2016

The famous high-speed Monza track

The famous high-speed Monza track

Countering current speculation that the 2013 Rome Grand Prix would replace the current Monza race, the BBC are now reporting that the Italian GP will remain at Monza until 2016.

Last week, we heard from Bernie Ecclestone that Rome eould hold a Grand Prix from 2013 onwards, meaning that there would be two Italian Grands Prix for the first time since 2006, with Monza and Imola. Ever since the Rome GP was confirmed by Ecclestone, the organisers of the Rome GP have been hinting at a battle with the Monza race. However, this news should calm the matter.

If this is the case, the race in Rome will almost certainly be referred to as the Rome GP, while Monza should keep the Italian GP status. Monza has hosted all of Italy’s F1 races since 1950, except 1980, when Imola took the honours.

Rome has F1 race deal- Report

The Italian magazine Gazzetta dello Sport has claimed that there is a deal in place for a Rome Grand Prix from 2012 onwards.

It is reported that the organiser, Maurizio Flammini, has signed a provisional deal with Bernie Ecclestone. The first reports of this Grand Prix emerging were earlier this year.

This is continuing on Formula 1’s growth of new circuits: Valencia and Singapore in 2008, Abu Dhabi in 2009, South Korea for 2010 and India in 2011.

However, at time of writing this article, it must be noted that the circuit’s website (http://www.romaformulafuturo.com) has gone blank. Also, there is no info from their Twitter feed (thanks to F1Fanatic for this info).

Youtube link for the track is here: