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Red Bull RB7 released

The new Red Bull RB7

The new Red Bull RB7

Red Bull were one of the four teams to reveal their new 2011 car in Valencia today.

The RB7 features a heavily revised rear end, and a very interesting shark-fin concept, where the fin is cut off abruptly, leading to an addition on the middle of the rear wing.

Red Bull RB7's shark fin and rear wing

Red Bull RB7's shark fin and rear wing

The front wing has a very high-angled third flap, and the back of the car sports a slightly revised suspension system.

The livery is the same, apart from an extra bit of red, both on the car and on the driver overalls.

2010 World Champion Sebastian Vettel took the RB7 out for its first run today, and ended the first test on top of the timesheets. More on this later.


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