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New Jersey race to be postponed to 2014 – Ecclestone

Next year’s planned Grand Prix of America, set to take place in New Jersey, has been offset until the 2014 season, according to Bernie Ecclestone.

The track, which features a stunning view of the Manhattan island, was rumoured to be behind schedule, but nevertheless Ecclestone has been unusually quick in pulling it off the 2013 calendar. Today he stated:

"They've run out of time. There's all sorts of things...and they didn't quite think 
it all through. They've had a wake-up call but the wake-up call came too late.

They couldn't get everything ready in time - that's the bottom line."

The main issues were believed to be with repairing roads and obtaining permits for the track. Bernie had hinted at this issue months ago, when he noted that the race organisers had not complied with the terms and conditions of the race contract.

If the New Jersey track is indeed completed for 2014, it will join the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi as the two new races for that season. The United States Grand Prix, located in Austin, is still set to go ahead at the end of this season.


New Jersey to host F1 race from 2013

A first look at the newest F1 race to be hosted in the US

A first look at the newest F1 race to be hosted in the US

New Jersey has become the latest venue to confirm a Formula 1 race in the future, announcing a 10-year deal yesterday.

The race will be promoted as the Grand Prix of America, as opposed to the United States Grand Prix, which will be held in Austin, Texas from next year.

The Port Imperial-based circuit features an elevation change of approx. 150ft, as well as running through two parks and having the Hudson river and Manhattan area as a backdrop.

The uphill section of the track is causing the most interest, with several fast sweeping corners and plenty of elevation changes.

This race will commence in 2013, meaning that the F1 calendar could possibly expand to 21 races – 22 when Russia joins a year later.

This is the best visualisation of the track as of yet: