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Raikkonen confirms move to NASCAR

Raikkonen will alternate between NASCAR and WRC

Raikkonen will alternate between NASCAR and WRC

After days of speculation, 2007 F1 champion Kimi Raikkonen has confirmed that he is to move to NASCAR in May.

Previous reports have stated that Raikkonen was to field his own squad in the NASCAR Truck Series, but he has since said that he will be driving for Kyle Busch in Charlottle on May 20.

He will continue to drive in the World Rally Championship, and will only drive for Busch in a limited number of races.

Raikkonen will get the first taste of his new machinery next week at Gresham Motorsports Park.

Busch has stated:

"We are honoured that Kimi Raikkonen, a former Formula 1 world drivers' champion and 
proven winner, has chosen to start his career in NASCAR with Kyle Busch Motorsports.

Adding one of the most talented drivers in the world is a continuation of building a 
team of proven winners and champions at KBM. I look forward to assisting in Kimi's 
transition to NASCAR as both an owner and team-mate."


F1 to be filmed in HD

The BBC has confirmed that the F1 2010 championship will be filmed in HD this year.

But, before you get too excited, this HD feed is not being made available to broadcasters until at least 2011. The BBC’s head of HD, Danielle Nagler, wrote on her blog:

The events are being filmed in HD (as far as we know) but they are
not made available by F1 to broadcasters in HD.

Lee McKenzie, part of the BBC F1 team, has previously said that F1 broadcasters will be offered the chance to show F1 in HD from 2011 onwards, but it is unsure who will take up the offer. Let’s be honest though, the BBC will definitely be one of the first to sign up.

Still though, it seems like a waste of time filming it in HD and not broadcasting it. Maybe FOM wants to get experience first, then broadcast it when they’re ready. Hopefully the end-of-year review will have HD clips instead.

Meanwhile, this year’s NASCAR championship will be the 6th year of being broadcast in HD. F1 is well behind.

Piquet had F1 offer for 2010

Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet Jr has revealed that he had a firm offer of a drive in F1 for 2010.

The Brazilian, who has not raced in F1 since the crash-gate scandal last year, has announced that he is to race in a NASCAR series, having previously tested a Toyota Tundra truck.

Piquet claims that he left F1 because of all the politics. He said:

“I could’ve been there (Formula 1) if I wanted to. A team offered me to be there.”

“I just thought I was sick and tired of all of the stuff over there. I just took a decision of starting a new step in my career and a new challenge in coming to NASCAR.”

“For a lot of people who are outside of America, it’s a downgrade. But for people that really understand – maybe it’s a downgrade in technology of the car — but in terms of career, of how big the sport is in a lot of ways it’s even a tougher step than F1.”

“For me, I compare it side by side. It’s just two different types of cars. The level of competition and the seriousness and the business of both series are very, very high. I was just sick and tired of things over there. I got a very, very good opportunity over here to start my career here and I’m here.”

It is not known which team made the offer, but Piquet was heavily linked earlier with the new Campos team, having already signed fellow Brazilian Bruno Senna.

Even if he had taken the offer, he never would have survived in F1. Very few people will forgive him for what he did, and I doubt I ever will. Anyways, he would have crashed.

Nelson Piquet Jr to race in NASCAR

Nelson Piquet in his preferred driving style

Nelson Piquet in his preferred driving style

Nelson Piquet Jr has claimed, on his personal website, that he is moving to one of the NASCAR chanpionships this year. On his website, he stated:

“NASCAR is hugely challenging and nobody has ever come in as an outsider before and gone on to win it – it will be the ultimate challenge.”

However, it is unclear whether he will race in the elite Sprint cup, or in a lower level, such as the Nationwide series. He could move to an even lower league such as the smaller sanctioned series. A spokeperson said that this will be clarified within the next few weeks.

Piquet tested a NASCAR car last October, so he is already slightly familiar with the cars.

In my opinion, this is excellent news. Piquet can give the crowds what they watch NASCAR for- crashes, crashes and more crashes. Suits him very well.