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Lotus reveal 2011 livery on R30

Lotus-Renault have shown their livery on last year's R30

Lotus-Renault have shown their livery on last year's R30

Lotus-Renault have given the world an indication of the livery they will be using for the 2011 season, by applying it to last year’s Renault R30.

As we already know, it is mainly black and gold, based off the JPS Lotus livery from the 1970’s and 1980’s. However, this new livery features no sponsors on the main chassis of the car, instead moving the logos to the nosecone, turning vanes, and the rear wing.

How the livery would look without red endplates (copyright unknown)

How the livery would look without red endplates (copyright unknown)

It was launched earlier today at the Autosport International show, by Vitaly Petrov, Eric Boullier, Jean Alesi (the team’s new racing ambassador) and Clive Chapman, the son of the legendary Colin Chapman. The Chapman family have recently pushed their support behind the Lotus-Renault group, rather than Tony Fernandes’ outfit, despite the fact that the 2010 Lotus team own the rights to the Lotus name.

Personally, the idea of the livery is good, but unfortunately the Total colours on the endplates and mirrors completely ruin the design.

Petrov extends contract with Renault

Petrov will stay with Renault until 2012

Petrov will stay with Renault until 2012

Vitaly Petrov will remain with the Lotus-Renault team for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. This removes any speculation that Vitaly was under pressure to keep the second race seat next year.

This was announced by Petrov at a press conference he organised in Moscow today. While he struggled at times in 2010, he impressed on several occasions, and with his impressive financial backing, was the favourite to retain his race seat for next year. With Kubica also on a long-term contract, this means that Renault will retain both drivers until at least the end of the 2012 season.

Vitaly said today:

"I learned a lot about the sport, the circuits and the car this 
year. That will help me improve even more in the future. I am 
very excited about working with this great team once more, and 
I’m confident that I will deliver."

"In many ways, 2010 was about learning. 2011 will be about 
performing. Today, I feel I am ready to rise to this challenge."

Gerard Lopez, chairman of Renault, added:

"We’re delighted to have Vitaly on board for another two years. 
Last season, he showed on several occasions that he clearly has 
the potential to deliver. It was just a matter of putting 
everything together during the same weekend, race after race, 
and this will be his target for 2011."

"Also, thanks to Vitaly and the team, Russia is opening up to 
Formula 1. Over the past few months, we’ve established close 
links with this country and with some of its strongest companies.
We’re looking forward to building on this special relationship
and turning it into a very successful adventure over the next 
two seasons."

Despite the fact that money certainly was a factor in this move, I’m still happy with this decision. Petrov struggled at times, but also showed great potential, particularly when holding back Fernando Alonso in Turkey and Abu Dhabi. Kubica completely out-performed him, but hopefully he can improve for next year.

Renault have also issued the following Q&A with Petrov:

Vitaly, how does it feel to be confirmed at Lotus Renault GP?
It feels great. I learned so much this year and I know that I can come back stronger in 2011. I’m extremely proud to be part of this team and I’m determined to repay the faith they have shown in me.

Looking back on your rookie season, what did you enjoy the most?
There were a lot of special moments. The race in Shanghai is something that I will always remember when I overtook Schumacher and Webber to score my first points. Then, the first time I made Q3 in Turkey was an important step for me. And, of course, the race in Hungary was probably my best weekend when everything came together for me.

How has your life change since you became an F1 driver?
There’s a lot more travelling and not a lot of time for myself, but I will never complain because I love what I’m doing. I still feel like a boy at Christmas every time I get in the car. Life is not as easy as people think, of course, and there’s a lot more to F1 than driving the car, but it’s an amazing experience and I know I’m lucky to be one of just 24 drivers on the grid.

Do you feel at home at Lotus Renault GP?
Yes, definitely. Previous drivers have always said that there is a special atmosphere here and I have to say I agree with them. The team is very warm, friendly and open, and I get on really well with the guys.

Can you feel the growing support for F1 from Russia?
Definitely. I get more support from my country every week. In fact, recently one of the major lifestyle magazines included me in their top ten most attractive single men of Russia! You can feel that the sport is becoming more popular and soon we will have our own Grand Prix, which will create ore interest. Even our prime minister, Mr Putin, got a taste of F1 when he tried a Renault F1 car earlier this year.

What will be the main challenges of 2011?
There are quite a few changes that we have to adapt to as a team: new tyres, moveable rear wings and KERS, which I’ve never used before. There’s even a new race in India. So there are some things to adapt to, but they should improve the show and make for better racing. I’ve already seen the new car in the wind tunnel and it looks very promising. I also love our new colours and can’t wait to get back in the car and go racing.

What do you hope to achieve in your second season?
My objective is to continue improving as a driver and to become more consistent. There were times this year when I made mistakes and lost points, and I know this is where I can improve. I think I showed that I have the speed, but I need to be consistent over the whole weekend and get the maximum from every session.

What is your plan over the next couple of months before testing begins in February?
I was thinking about spending a few days in Maranello this winter, but I have been told it probably wasn’t the best idea… Seriously, after a busy year I’m taking the time to go back home and see my family and friends. It’s also the time to recharge my batteries so that I can come back fresh next year. I’m already working hard on my fitness and doing lots of training to be ready for the start of the season. Then, in January, I will be at the factory to see my engineers and for my seat-fit in the new car.


Lotus-Renault sticking with Boullier as team boss

This is the third article from Murai Kadam:

Eric Boullier will remain team principal of Lotus-Renault

Eric Boullier will remain team principal of Lotus-Renault

While Group Lotus entered Formula 1 with major partnership, Eric Boullier will remain as the team principal.


Appointed by new owners Genii Capital for 2010, Boullier has led the team this year, but Group Lotus’ high profile CEO Dany Bahar has been conspicuous since the takeover announcement this week.

Bahar is well experienced in F1, having been in roles within the Red Bull and Ferrari teams, but he has told F1’s official website:

 Given their (Renault's) performance this year, the structure 
really works, so we have no plans whatsoever to change this."

With the French carmaker Renault now completely bought out, Bahar refused to comment upon which percentage of the team is owned by Genii and Group Lotus:

 "Whether it is 40, 50 or 60 per cent is something that does 
not really matter."
"What matters is that it is a real partnership with clearly 
defined roles and responsibilities."

Group Lotus owner Proton’s chariman, Datuk Seri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, revealed on Friday:

 "Lotus' spending in F1 will come from a portion of its 
marketing budget of between 15 and 20 million per annum."

Petrov likely to stay with Lotus-Renault

This is the second article from new writer Murai Kadam:

Vitaly Petrov is well set to secure his seat next year

Vitaly Petrov is well set to secure his seat next year

The 26-year-old Russian rookie Vitaly Petrov is likely to stay with Lotus-Renault for next year. Petrov has been financed by his personal backers, including Vyborg Shipyard, Flagman vodka, and the carmaker Lada.

The Malaysian news agancy Bernama said that Proton will also benefit by gaining access to Russia’s automotive market, and automotive technologies owned by Genii.

With Renault having previously been sponsored by Petrov’s backers, Vitaly seems all set to be secured his F1 seat for next year. Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar admitted that Petrov is well placed to keep his seat in 2011:



 "Our preferred choice is Vitaly Petrov, but I hope that the 
team will be able to announce by the end of the year our 
final lineup."

Renault bought by Group Lotus, to become Lotus-Renault for 2011

The following article is the first post from a new contributor, Murai Kadam:

The Lotus livery on this year's Renault R30

The Lotus livery on this year's Renault R30

The Malaysian owned car maker Group Lotus has taken a 50 per cent
stake in Lotus Renault worth $100 million and has become its title
sponsor, the remaining 50 per cent will under control of the current
owners, pending rumours of a full takeover.

The news are coming about Group Lotus will be taking full control of the outfit in the next few years. Though nothing has been decided yet about future plans, the Lotus CEO Dany Bahar has hinted about a full takeover:

"Our way of doing things means that at the end of the project we would
like to control it ourselves."

Though there has been some court disputes over the Lotus name, as Tony
Fernandes’ Team Lotus raced in 2009 but their plan has been spoiled with Group
Lotus’ F1 entry, so there might be two teams on the grid branded as
Lotus. Also, both of the teams want to keep the iconic Gold and Black

‘Lotus Renault GP’ plans were unveiled on Wednesday, also the releasing photos of a re-livered R30 car said its cars will also be black and gold next year. Reverting to this Team Lotus owner Tony Fernandes accused Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar of “hijacking” Team Lotus’ livery plans, but Renault team owner Gerard Lopez said the opposite is in fact true. Bahar said that he would look at this as extra promotion for his brand, rather than a potential confusion or competition. And he feels that four are better than two.

The reason to link with Renault rather than Lotus racing is for cost reduction, as to build a winning team in Formula One from scratch is not affordable. And that’s why Group Lotus has decided to go with one of the top five teams because there is the potential to go back to where they were when they were winning world championship titles.