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FIA bans DRS for Eau Rouge corner

After speculation earlier today, the FIA has announced that the Drag Reduction System will be banned for the Eau Rouge corner.

The DRS system will be blocked from after the La Source hairpin (Turn 1) all the way until the exit of Radillion (second half of Eau Rouge).

However, it has also emerged that this is not just a driver issue. Team engineers have noted that the open rear wing would not be able to close if a driver hit the brakes through Eau Rouge. This would apparently lead to the rear wing possibly becoming stuck open for the rest of the lap. This issue is believed to be because of Eau Rouge’s high downforce/speed/incline combination.

Also, going far too quickly through Eau Rouge can lead to massive crashes – see Jacques Villeneuve and Ricardo Zonta in 1999 (both drivers had agreed to take the corner flat out before the qualifying session).

The DRS zone for the race will be placed after Radillion, and will continue on until the Les Combes complex.


DRS ban for Eau Rouge?

Eau Rouge, an extremely steep corner on the Spa circuit

Eau Rouge, an extremely steep corner on the Spa circuit

The FIA is investigating whether the Drag Reduction System is suitable to be used at the Eau Rouge corner in Spa-Francorchamps.

DRS was banned earlier this year in the tunnel in Monaco, after several drivers noted that some might take unnecessary risks through the right-hand kink.

The same reasoning applies here. Eau Rouge is a famous high-incline corner, which is taken flat out in the dry conditions, like the Monaco tunnel. However, the risk of a crash here is also high, according to Rubens Barrichello:

"We’re going to see crashes going on, and that’s not the purpose.

"You’re going to gamble. I mean, last year we had to raise the knee to make it 
work [referring to F-duct system], and I went through Eau Rouge with one leg, and 
that’s not the purpose."

According to Mercedes, the DRS system may be used for up to 63% of the Spa circuit, second only to Monza.