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Button interested in Dakar and Le Mans

Jenson Button at the Autosport International

Jenson Button at the Autosport International

Jenson Button has said that he is interested in contesting the Dakar rally, when he retires from Formula 1.

However, he added that he would prefer to race with a low-key privateer, rather than one of the big Dakar teams.

Speaking at the Autosport International, he said:

“I want to do the Dakar, which would be quite fun, that is on at the moment and I would like to do that.”

“If I raced in other formulae it would be because I want to go and have fun. Doing the Dakar, for example, I would want to do it as a privateer, just go there and have fun. It would be such a life experience.”

“If you get into one of the top teams and you are racing for them, it is just so much pressure. I would want to go there and enjoy the race.”

He also mentioned that he would be interested in contesting the 24 Hours of Le Mans, after his F1 career finished.