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Cypher Group abandons F1 2011 application

The American-based Cypher Group have announced that they are to withdraw their application to the FIA to compete in the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship. They have claimed that, despite amassing much money through sponsorship, they still did not have the budget to compete fully.

Here is their full statement:

"We remain completely committed to developing a credible and 
viable Formula One team and were able to raise a considerable 
amount of sponsorship and interest in recent months. However 
after much deliberation, we have decided that the budget we 
have is not sufficient to allow us to pursue the project in a 
manner befitting the series. It was not an easy decision, but 
one made out of respect for the FIA Formula One World 
Championship and our loyal supporters."

I’m disappointed to see another team drop out, but to be honest, they weren’t as viable as some of the other options. Having said that, it’s good to see them admit defeat when they realised it, unlike another certain American team.

I know I said I would have written an article on the 2011 applicants by now, but unfortunately I was delayed all last week, so it will be up after the Hungarian GP weekend.

Cypher Group submits F1 2011 application

The American Cypher Group has announced that they have submitted an official application to race in the Formula 1 2011 championship, after announcing a tie-up with American driver Jonathan Summerton. This comes after the failed attempt from USF1 to enter Formula 1.

Jonathan Summerton has become part of the Cypher Group's application

Jonathan Summerton has become part of the Cypher Group's application

It believed that certain members of the failed USF1 team have joined the Cypher Group, who adamantly believe that America can still produce a successful Formula 1 team. Their statement reads as follows:

"We have officially submitted our candidature and hope that we will 
shortly be selected by the FIA as the 13th entry in the 2011 FIA 
Formula One World Championship. We aspire to bring America's red, 
white, and blue back into Formula 1."

Jonathan Summerton has previosuly raced in A1GP, Formula 3 and the Atlantic Championship, and competed in Indy Lights earlier this year. The team said this about him:

"Jonathan is capable of racing against the top Formula 1 drivers and
we hope to be able to give him a competitive car. We look forward to
the opportunity of being on the starting grid in 2011."

At the moment, the Cypher Group appears to be competing against Epsilon Euskadi, Stefan GP and Durango for the 13th grid spot. ART were rumoured to be applying, but dropped out recently. As it stands, Stefan GP looks like the best-equipped outfit, but we will have to wait and see.

American Cypher Group hoping to apply for 2011 grid spot

The American Cypher Group, who are planning to submit an entry for 2011

The American Cypher Group, who are planning to submit an entry for 2011

The American Cypher Group, which is a group of Formula 1 engineers, is hoping to build up a budget to apply for the grid spot for 2011.

With USF1 failing to make it to the grid this year, the American Cypher Group are now hoping to take advantage of the empty grid spot for the 2011 season. They would be based in North Carolina if their plan went ahead, but they have no links with the dead USF1 team. However, they are stressing that their plan is in a preliminary phase at the moment:

"We will only place a full application should we achieve fully the 
budget we believe is required to do this properly.

Even though we have some ex US F1 members in our mix, Cypher Group 
was not born of disgruntled ex US F1 employees. Cypher Group and 
its international members simply saw the potential of a US-based F1 
team, the disappointment of the fans and the dreams of many young 
American engineers of having a home team. Hence we wish to give 
America the shot it deserves.

Again we recognise that the time frame is not ideal, however we feel 
it has to be done now, due to the availability of a grid slot. But 
as we have stated, we will not submit a full entry unless we can 
fully achieve the budget we believe is required to do this properly."

This is strange, as I don’t think anyone has heard of them. I had a look around, they do have Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a website, which is about as far as USF1 got. Still, if they are good engineers, then I’ll give them a shot. Not give them the spot, mind you, but give them a chance to get a budget together and to get started on the car.

I really can’t say much otherwise at the moment, knowing so little about them. What do you think?