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Playing catchup

I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of articles in recent days, sorry about that. I was off in Silverstone for the race last weekend, and haven’t had a chance to update the blog.

On the plus side, I’ll be putting up a few articles about the fan experience of the British Grand Prix, as well as a few photos I took across the weekend.

That’ll be later though – I’m absolutely wrecked, and need a good night’s sleep! Normal service will resume tomorrow…

Mixed results for F1 drivers at 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans has concluded today at the Circuit de la Sarthe, with Audi roaring away with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th places.

There were 22 drivers there today who have previously raced in Formula 1. Some finished well up the field with consistent drives, while others were involved in terrifying crashes. Here is the report of the F1 drivers from today’s race:

Brundle & Brundle impress in LMP2

Sky F1 commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle, along with his son Alex, competed in the LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype 2) category.

Clocking in an impressive 340 laps overnight, the father-son pairing finished 5th in class, and 15th overall. However, during the race, they were forced to switch to right-foot braking – a first for Alex – after problems began to develop on the car.

Alternator and throttle issues prevented them from battling for a podium finish, but the elder of the two stated he was pleased with his racing return.

Davidson lucky after horrific crash

Further up the field, 2007 Super Aguri driver Anthony Davidson was competing for the overall victory with the resurgent Toyota team. He took control of the #8 car, about 80 laps into the race.

However, a horrific smash with a Ferrari 458 (GTE Pro category) sent Davidson flying into the barriers, and the Toyota out of the race. After being sent to hospital to treat him for shock and back pain, it was confirmed that Davidson had suffered two broken vertebrae in the crash.

However, from watching the replay, you could argue that he is lucky to be alive:

Teammate Sebastien Buemi, a former Toro Rosso driver, drove a fantastic stint to bring the #8 Toyota within 3 seconds of the lead beforehand. Stephane Sarrazin – a once-off driver for Minardi, also drove well in his opening stints.

McNish and Gene throw away vital positions for Audi

2002 Toyota F1 driver Allan McNish has moved on to the Audi Le Mans team, this year racing the #2 R-18 e-tron quattro, a hybrid 4-wheel drive car. He inherited the lead from the #1 car, and was in contention for the race win.

However, when lapping a backmarker, McNish spun out and hit the barriers, losing vital time with repair work:

Amazingly, just minutes beforehand, fellow Audi driver Marc Gene (former Minardi and BMW Williams driver) had clashed with another barrier, this time on one of the Mulsanne chicanes. Earlier in the race, the same car was crashed in the exact same spot by Romain Dumas.

Both cars were repaired, at the same time, by the Audi crew, and sent out within 10 minutes – an incredible performance by the team.

Wurz and Nakajima suffer bad luck at Toyota

Besides Davidson’s crash, the sister Toyota car was in the wars as well.

The #7 car was running second after a safety car restart, with former Williams driver Kazuki Nakajima at the wheel. However, he clashed with the radical Nissan Delta Wing, forcing both cars to undergo extensive repairs.

The Delta Wing was out, while the #7 Toyota never recovered. Benneton and Williams racer Alexander Wurz brought the car out of the pits, but it repeatedly stuttered to a halt.

It was a disappointing end to a promising campaign for the Toyotas, but they’ll be back even stronger next year.

Bruni and Fisichella win GTE Pro category

2004 Minardi driver Gianmaria Bruni and Jordan, Renault and Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella experienced success at this year’s Le Mans.

They won the GTE Pro category in the #51 Ferrari 458. While Fisichella was the one who crashed the car on Friday, forcing the car to start at the back of the grid, he did well to move 3 laps clear of his nearest competitor.

Brabham and Chandhok impress in JRM HPD

David Brabham – son of 3 times world champion Jack Brabham – and Karun Chandhok (2010 HRT racer) finished 6th overall in the LMP1 category.

They were racing for the JRM team. Despite some stalling while Chandhok attempted to leave the pits, the #22 car was brilliantly reliable, and briefly ran ahead of some of the Audi R18s.

Heidfeld splits the Audis with Lola

Nick Heidfeld, who has had a stunted career in F1 to say the least, was driving for the Lola team, and managed to finish ahead of one of the Audi cars.

He was driving with Nicolas Prost (son of Alain Prost) and Neel Jani (Lotus test driver), both of which are aiming for drives in F1 in the future.

With excellent reliability, the trio worked their way up to 4th place overall, and ruined a 1-2-3-4 finish for the Audi team. In fact, had any major problem befallen the top 3 cars, Heidfeld and co. would have finished on the podium!

Delay in articles this weekend

Apologies for the inconvenience, but I’m away in London this week, and unfortunately can’t write up some of the race weekend reports and articles.

I should be able to get the qualifying report up on Saturday evening, and the race report won’t be affected, but all of the other articles won’t be up, as I simply don’t have the time at the moment. I’ll be back on Saturday, so normal service will be resumed then.

And while I’m at it, I saw a Koenigsegg CCXR in electric blue yesterday 🙂

Reports of ghost in Malaysian paddock

Reports are emerging from people in the Malaysian Grand Prix paddock that a ghost is haunting several teams, and causing disarray amongst the drivers.

Ferrari, for example, reported a theft of confidential data from its headquarters, later confimed to be several boxes of ice-cream and Coke cans. The ghost then left the building, knocking over a small child in the process, before going off to a local bar to borrow some vodka.

Drivers have attempted to communicate with it, believing that is a former F1 driver, but so far it ha made absolutely no change in expression since it turned up this morning.

This ghost also makes mumbling sounds everytime anyone comes near it, occasionaly saying “for sure”. Martin Brundle attempted to ask it where it had been, and it replied “I was having a shit”.

In other news, one driver failed to appear in time for the start of the Jordan Rally, because he simply could’t be bothered to show up. He then appeared after the second day, and just stood around yawning.

Update: We have found a video of it, check it out here.

Bahrain FIA press conference schedule

The Thursday and Friday press conferences have been announced. The Thursday conference features an all-star line-up, while Friday focuses on the up-and-coming youngsters.

Here is the line-up:

Thursday March 11, 1500 hours local time (1200 GMT):
Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Jenson Button (McLaren), Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)
Felipe Massa (Ferrari) and Michael Schumacher (Mercedes).

Friday March 12, 1600 hours local time (1300 GMT):
Lucas Di Grassi (Virgin), Nico Hulkenberg (Williams), Heikki Kovalainen (Lotus), Robert Kubica (Renault) and Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull).

Interestingly enough, the drivers in the Thursday conference share 11 drivers world championships between them. As usual, the qualifying and race conferences willbe compiled of the top three finishers in their respective sessions.

Full transcripts are available on Anything interesting that they say will be available here.

No posts for a few days

Right, I’ll be off in Paris from tomorrow until Monday, so unfortunately I won’t be able to update G-Force while I’m there.

Once I get back, I will try and catch up on the news I’ve missed. The good thing is, there aren’t any launches or tests while I’m in Paris, so hopefully I won’t miss much.

Anyways, should be some laugh 😀

The “most exhaustive” F1 survey ever

FOTA, who are organising the survey

FOTA, who are organising the survey

FOTA have launched what they have called the “most exhaustive” F1 survey ever.

The survey is to find out what every type of person feels about Formula 1, even if they rarely watch it. The survey definitely deserves it title, it covers everything. There are questions about how they feel about racing technology, overtaking, changing race structure, the drivers and teams, safety, and broadcasting.

Even if you aren’t interested in Formula 1, I’d encourage you to take the survey anyway. These results will probably be used by FOTA to push for a new F1 in the future.

Have your voice heard – take the survey here.

Oh, and make sure you say you’re over 18 😉 They won’t let you take the survey if you say you aren’t!

My new blog – STR

My new blog- STR

My new blog- STR

I’d just like to let you know about a new blog I have started, called STR- Scuderia Toro Rosso.

It’s a blog where my personal slant on Toro Rosso will be written about, and may also have a few pieces about Red Bull.

The link to the blog is available here. Also, you can follow the blog on Twitter.As I write this, the first posts have not been published yet, but these should be on tomorrow. When they are on, have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Follow G-Force on Twitter

Just to let you know that this website now has a Twitter account, which you can use to follow the latest updates from this site.

You can find our Twitter page here.

Video: Behind the scenes at USF1

Many people, including myself, have voiced concerns at USF1’s ability to be ready in time for the 2010 season. While they have not fully answered those doubts, they have kept their promise of using social media to keep fans updated.

This time, they have released a video, split into 2 parts, which takes the fans through the factory, and explains the goings-on behind the scenes.

This is completely in contrast to teams like Campos, who reveal no details of how they are getting on. This may help to quell concerns over USF1’s future.