Renault reveals look at 2014 V6 engine

Renault have become the second engine manufacturer to show a glimpse of what is to come in the 2014 season, as they showed off pictures of their new turbo V6 engine, set to be introduced next year.

Mercedes had previously given select journalists an audio sample from their new power plant, which was reported to be “sweeter” sounding than the current V8 platform.

Now, Renault have provided a new insight into the new engine formula, which they claim will be a huge boost for the sport and its manufacturers.

Renault Sport chief Jean-Michel Jalinier said that “It will be a better tool to communicate than the current V8 engine.We can get some fans back to F1.”

Technical director Rob White noted that the new engines are still going to be “very loud” and “very violent”, which may come as some relief to concerned F1 purists.

“You can see on the test bed that even with relatively slow shifts on a relatively low transient dyno, that gear shifts are rapid and violent. And the big glowing red thing at the back of the engine in front of the gearbox [Energy Recovery System – called ERS] is also going to be a thing of some spectacle.”

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