Timo Glock leaves Marussia by “mutual consent”

Only a month before the teams begin to unveil their cars for the 2013 season, Marussia has announced that Timo Glock has been dropped by the squad.

Glock had a contract to race for the team in 2013, but split due to “mutual consent”. Marussia noted that “tough economic conditions” may have played a part in this decision.

Max Chilton will continue to drive with the team, so Marussia have two more months to confirm a second driver before the season opener in Melbourne.

Team prinipal John Booth hinted that the team may be looking at a pay driver:

"Our team was founded on the principle of benefiting from proven experience whilst 
also providing opportunities for young emerging talent to progress to the pinnacle 
of motorsport. Thus far, this philosophy has also been reflected in our commercial 

The ongoing challenges facing the industry mean that we have had to take steps to 
secure our long-term future. Tough economic conditions prevail and the commercial 
landscape is difficult for everyone, Formula 1 teams included.

We would like to thank Timo for working with us to reach this decision, especially 
as he had a valid contract, and also for the contribution he has made to our Team. 
We wish him all the best for his future and I would like to congratulate the next 
team acquiring the services of such a competitive, professional and experienced 


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