Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Reduced DRS zones for Monza

The FIA has decided to reduce the emphasis on DRS for this year’s Italian Grand Prix.

While two independent DRS zones remain, they have been shortened in length, particularly the zone exiting the Lesmos to the Ascari chicane. Here, the activation point has been moved down the track by 50m, and is now 210m from the exit of Lesmo 2. The detection zone has been moved back slightly, in between the two Lesmo corners. This slightly reduces the likeliness of a driver being able to use DRS in this area.

The main DRS zone, on the start/finish straight, has had a more conservative reduction in length – by 5 metres. Drivers can now activate their DRS systems 115m after the start/finish line. The detection zone for this area is 20 metres before the turn-in for the Parabolica corner.

As well as this, the straight from the Ascari chicane to Parabolica has been resurfaced. This is not expected to have much impact.