Glock drops out of qualifying due to stomach bug

Timo Glock will not participate in qualifying for the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

The Marussia driver has been complaining of a stomach since Friday, and has this morning been admitted to a hospital in Valencia for further treatment.

It is suspected that this stomach bug was caused by either food poisoning or some kind of infection.

If Glock wishes to take part in the race on Sunday, he will need to apply for permission from the race stewards.

A statement from Marussia reads as follows:

"Marussia F1 Team driver Timo Glock will not take part in this afternoon’s 
Qualifying session for tomorrow’s European Grand Prix for health reasons.

Timo has been fighting a stomach bug since Thursday. He felt well enough to 
take part in yesterday’s Free Practice sessions and had seemed to be improving. 
This morning, after Free Practice 3, he started to feel unwell again. It is clear 
that at this time, he is not sufficiently well to take part in a demanding 
Qualifying session and needs to recuperate further.

Timo and the Team will now seek further medical guidance this afternoon. Until such 
time as this guidance has been received, no decisions will be reached regarding 
tomorrow’s race. A further statement will be issued on Sunday morning."

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