Suspended jail sentence and fine for Sutil after Lux assault

Adrian Sutil has been given an 18-month suspended sentence in a German court today, after assaulting CEO of Genii Capital Eric Lux last year.

The incident occurred in a nightclub in Shanghai after the Chinese Grand Prix in 2011, and Sutil was alleged to have assaulted Lux with a champagne glass. Adrian’s counter-claim was that he only meant to spill his drink over the CEO.

Genii Capital are the owners of Lotus (Renault), and since the incident Lux has reportedly chased Sutil for an apology and financial reimbursement for the 9-inch cut to Eric’s neck. On the other hand, Adrian has claimed that Lux made “strange offers” involving “a lot of money” as long as he volumtarily left the sport. He also claimed:

"He [Eric Lux] threatened me with 'destroying' me and ensuring that I go to prison 
for a long time."

Today Adrian was handed a suspended sentence along with a €200,000 fine for causing grievous bodily harm to the Genii boss. Lewis Hamilton was due to testify as a witness for Sutil (as he was in the nightclub during the incident), but was unable to make it to the trial.

Sutil is currently out of a drive for this season, having been replaced by Nico Hulkenberg at Force India.

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