Karthikeyan to replace Liuzzi for inaugural Indian GP

Karthikeyan will be racing at the first ever Indian Grand Prix

Karthikeyan will be racing at the first ever Indian Grand Prix

Vitantonio Liuzzi has surrendered his HRT race seat to Narain Karthikeyan for the Indian Grand Prix later this month.

The Indian driver most recently drove an F1 car in Friday practice in Singapore. While this of course is a move to generate further interest in the country’s first ever Grand Prix, Karthikeyan’s sponsors are also believed to be paying the team for this one-off drive.

After being replaced by Daniel Ricciardo halfway through the 2011 season, Narain has stated that he is looking forward to being back in the racing seat:

"Driving in front of the home crowd cheering on is going to be a surreal 
experience. [It's] a once in a lifetime experience and I feel extremely 

There is a huge buzz around the Grand Prix already and I’m sure that it’ll be 
a resounding success that will motivate more youngsters towards the sport and 
give us the future F1 drivers. Making it into F1 at the time I did was a 
seriously uphill task and the thought of being able to compete in the inaugural 
Indian Grand Prix was non-existent.

But it is finally here and I’ll be on the grid. It is going to be one of the most 
challenging circuits on the calendar. There are points at which, if you’re in an 
F1 car, you will see nothing but the sky.

The layout itself is going to put tremendous energy through the tyres and the 
strategy will play a key role in the final result. For sure I’ll race hard and 
try to get a good result for myself and the team. I would like to express my 
gratitude towards Tata Group and the rest of sponsors for their continued support 
and belief throughout my career."

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