Heidfeld and Renault split, Senna confirmed for rest of 2011

Heidfeld has officialy left Renault

Heidfeld has officialy left Renault

Nick Heidfeld and the Renault F1 team have made a settlement outside of court, with the German confirmed to be leaving the team.

Heidfeld was booted out of his race seat for Bruno Senna in Spa, and Nick promised to take Renault to the Labour Court. However, Renault have confirmed that an agreement has been made between the two parties, including an “amicable settlement”.

A statement from team principal Eric Boullier reads as follows:

"Our disagreement with Nick has been the subject of much media coverage lately, and 
we are pleased to have reached a swift and reasonable solution.

Our separation process was already a painful one, and neither of us wanted to go 
through another legal hearing. We’re very grateful to Nick for the highly valuable 
contribution he’s made to the team. We certainly had good times together, in 
particular remembering our podium finish in Malaysia."

Heidfeld made a standard statement on his disappointment to be leaving the team, before briefly noting:

"One thing is for sure – I’ll be back racing at the highest level soon."

If Nick is referring to F1, then he may be out of luck. As far as I see it, the only potential drives for 2012 would be at Williams or possibly Lotus. If Williams were to be the case, then Heidfeld could join Pastor Maldonado at the squad, seeing as the team are in financial difficulty, and Rubens Barrichello doesn’t bring much sponsor money.

However, this is still a low possibility, and we may have seen the last of Nick Heidfeld in Formula 1.

Meanwhile, Bruno Senna has been confirmed as staying in the second Renault seat, as expected.

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