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Two independent DRS zones for Monza

Monza is expected to have two independent DRS zones per lap

Monza is expected to have two independent DRS zones per lap

The FIA is planning to use two DRS zones for the Italian Grand Prix – each with its own detection zone.

The Canadian Grand Prix saw the debut of double DRS zones, but both were activated by the same detection zone, which many believed gave an unfair advantage.

With this, a seperate detection zone for each area was improvised. It is believed that the DRS zones will be on the start/finish straight, and the straight from 2nd Lesmo to the Ascari chicane.

The extreme low-downforce nature of Monza means that the effect of DRS will be smaller compared to other races, but it is believed to be still significant.

As opposed to Jenson Button’s high-downforce strategy last year (utilising the F-duct), most teams are expected to run minimally angled rear wings.

Kubica undergoes final successful surgery

Kubica's road to recovery is improving

Kubica's road to recovery is improving

Robert Kubica has undergone his final operation on his injured right arm, which has since been described as a “total success”.

After a rally crash before the season began, Kubica has been left with massive damage to his right arm, which has taken three operations to allow him to heal.

With this final operation, it is believed that Kubica can regain full control of his right arm and albow. It has been reported that there were no complications during the surgery, and that the operation was 100% successful.

Robert’s manager Daniele Morelli has stated:

"Robert has left the surgery room just a few minutes ago. Luckily I can confirm that 
the operation was completely successful, so the whole elbow joint has been restored 
and functionality is now fine.

Certainly this one will be the final surgery, so we can say that tomorrow starts the 
final phase with full recovery of the arm movement functionality, and Robert will be 
able to start training specifically to regain full control of his functionality."

Apparently when Kubica regained concsiousness after the operation today, the first thing he asked was for the results of today’s Belgian Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, no estimate can be made on his possible return to Formula 1. However, his manager added that his future will become clearer by mid-October.

Hamilton accepts blame for Kobayashi collision

Lewis Hamilton turns into Kamui Kobayashi in Spa

Lewis Hamilton turns into Kamui Kobayashi in Spa

Lewis Hamilton has made a U-turn on his previous statements, and now says that he accepts responsibility for colliding with Kamui Kobayashi.

Lewis moved to overtake Kamui in the early parts of the race, but moved back onto the racing line, where Kobayashi had already parked his car. The McLaren crashed out, while the Sauber struggled on to 12th place.

The McLaren comes off much worse in the collision

The McLaren comes off much worse in the collision

After initially claiming that Kobayashi was at fault:

"As far as I was concerned, I was ahead of whoever it was I was racing, and I got
hit by them, and that was my race over."

Lewis has now accepted that he was at fault. A brief statement from his Twitter feed reads:

"After watching the replay, I realise it was my fault today 100%. I didn’t give
Kobayashi enough room though I thought in was past. Apologies to Kamui and to 
my team. The team deserves better from me."

Kamui seemed surprised that Lewis had initially blamed him, saying:

"I know I cannot fight because he is much quicker than me. He overtook me. I 
don’t know if he was using the rear wing, I was just using the KERS. I think 
we have very low downforce, that’s why I catch up him. Just at the end of the 
straight I was staying left, and he was in the middle of the track.

He came back and we just made contact. If you see the replay later, I was 
following the white line always, I don’t change at all my line. So I don’t 
know what I need to do – maybe I have to go to the gravel for him? That’s 
stupid, you know. He had to stay in the middle, not come back [towards me].

Definitely I was not trying to overtake him, just staying on my line, doing 
my race. It’s a little bit difficult situation, because he’s fighting for 
the championship. I am doing a different race!

The stewards have stated that there will be no investigation into the collision.

Points standings after Belgian Grand Prix

Driver Standings

Driver Points
1 Sebastian Vettel 259
2 Mark Webber 167
3 Fernando Alonso 157
4 Jenson Button 149
5 Lewis Hamilton 146
6 Felipe Massa 74
7 Nico Rosberg 56
8 Michael Schumacher 42
9 Vitaly Petrov 34
10 Nick Heidfeld 34
11 Kamui Kobayashi 27
12 Adrian Sutil 24
13 Sebastien Buemi 12
14 Jaime Alguersuari 10
15 Sergio Perez 8
16 Paul di Resta 8
17 Rubens Barrichello 4
18 Pastor Maldonado 1
19 Jarno Trulli 0
20 Vitantonio Liuzzi 0
21 Jerome D’Ambrosio 0
22 Heikki Kovalainen 0
23 Narain Karthikeyan 0




Pedro de la Rosa

Timo Glock

Daniel Ricciardo

Karun Chandhok





Constructor Standings

Team Points
1 Red Bull-Renault 426
2 McLaren-Mercedes 295
3 Ferrari 231
4 Mercedes GP 98
5 Renault 68
6 Sauber-Ferrari 35
7 Force India-Mercedes 32
8 Toro Rosso-Ferrari 22
9 Williams-Cosworth 5
10 Lotus-Cosworth 0
11 HRT-Cosworth 0
12 Virgin-Cosworth 0

Vettel leads Red Bull 1-2 in Belgium

Rosberg slices up the field, while Webber falls back at the start

Rosberg slices up the field, while Webber falls back at the start

Sebastian Vettel has won the Belgian Grand Prix, after a safety car period granted him a tyre strategy advantage. He led home teammate Mark Webber, with Jenson Button taking an excellent 3rd after having started 13th.

Exactly like last year, Mark Webber bogged down at the start, and was swamped by the cars behind. Nico Rosbrg made a stunning start, slicing up to 2nd at the first corner, and taking Sebastian Vettel at Les Combes to take the lead.

However, on Lap 3, Vettel retook the lead with the help of DRS. Replays showed Bruno Senna making contact at the first corner, Alguersuari breaking his suspension, and the Lotuses making contact.

Both Lotuses clash at La Source

Both Lotuses clash at La Source

Both Webber and Jenson Button pitted on Lap 4, Jenson for a rear wing, Mark for prime tyres. With Vettel released into the lead, a 4-way battle emerged for 2nd. Fernando Alonso dived down the inside of his teammate for 3rd, but ran alongside him for several corners. He got past, and Lewis Hamilton muscled his way past Massa also.

As well as an extra pit stop, Bruno Senna would soon receive a drive-through

As well as an extra pit stop, Bruno Senna would soon receive a drive-through

Vettel pitted on Lap 6, taking on new options. Bruno Senna and Timo Glock both received a drive-through penalty for causing a collision at the start.

A fantastic straight-line speed advantage gave Alonso the lead at Rosberg’s expense. Hamilton was on Nico’s tail the next lap, passing with him at ease after Eau Rouge.

Vettel was flying on the new options, as Alonso followed the strategy on Lap 9. He emerged just ahead of Mark Webber, but the Australian shoved his way through – at the entry to Eau Rouge.

DRS wasn’t even necessary for Fernando, his Ferrari’s speed allowing him to slide past the Red Bull. Vettel made an incredible move around the outside of Blanchimont to pass Rosberg – who hadn’t even pitted yet.

Lewis Hamilton turns into Kamui Kobayashi

Lewis Hamilton turns into Kamui Kobayashi

Hamilton pitted from the lead, leaving Sebastian in control again. However, he was soon complaining of blistered tyres, and Alonso in 2nd was picking up the pace. The safety car was to close the gap, as Lewis Hamilton crashed out of the Grand Prix. The McLaren moved off the racing line to defend against Kamui Kobayashi. The Sauber took the racing line to attack,, Lewis moved back in, without realising the Sauber was there, and collided.

This safety car allowed Vettel to pit and not lose too much time, but he still succumbed the lead to Alonso, with Webber 2nd. When the safety car peeled into the pits, Vettel moved past Webber, and pushed to challenge Alonso for the lead.

Assisted by DRS, Sebastian passed the Ferrari around the outside of Les Combes. Sergio Perez was handed a drive-through penalty for causing a collision, while Jenson Button got past Michael Schumacher for 7th place. A brave dive around Adrian Sutil the following lap promoted him to 6th. Another brilliant move then pushed him past Felipe Massa.

Being no slouch, the McLaren quickly made mincemeat of Nico Rosberg on Lap 26. Button was now the fastest man on track, and chasing down the top 3 drivers.

Alonso pitted from 2nd on Lap 30, taking on the primes until the finish. Vettel made the same move a lap later, emerging behind Button. Rosberg and Massa stopped on the same lap.

Sebastian used DRS to retake the lead on Lap 32. Button decided to pit, and take on fresh soft tyres. This left Vettel being chased by Alonso for the race win, with Webber 5 seconds behind.

However, the options gave Webber a massive increase in pace, catching Fernando by a second per lap. He leaped past the Ferrari on Lap 37, then set his sights on Sebastian Vettel.

However, it quickly became apparent that he lacked the pace to catch his teammate, and so the focus turned to the battle for 3rd. With 3 laps to go, Button replicated his previosu passes, and moved around the outside of Les Combes to clinch the final podium spot. In a similar fashion, Michael Schumacher overtook Rosberg for 5th position.

Vettel recovers from poor tyres to cross the chequered flag

Vettel recovers from poor tyres to cross the chequered flag

Vettel crossed the line to take his first win since the European Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso took 3rd in the driver’s championship, while Button moved into 4th ahead of Hamilton.

Adrian Sutil finished 7th. Felipe Massa passed Vitaly Petrov on the last lap to take 8th, with the Russian pulling over on the pit straight. Hooligan of the week, Pastor Maldonado, took his first points in Formula 1 with 10th place.