Mexico to return to Grand Prix calendar?

After a 20-year absense from the F1 calendar, rumours are abound that a revival of the Mexican Grand Prix is being planned.

The main people involved appear to be CIE, a Mexican entertainment company, as well as Carlos Slim Domit, son of Carlos Slim – the world’s richest man. Previously this year, Slim’s company Telmex organised a sponsorship deal with the Sauber team.

One of the venues being investigated is the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, which has hosted 15 Grands Prix in the past. However, there are several problems with this track. Firstly, the surface of the track is reported to be extremely bumpy, which would render Formula 1 cars useless.

Secondly, the high altitude (2.285 km above sea level) would cause considerable problems for teams. The thinner air would be a hindrance to drivers, as well as engine air intakes. It has been confirmed that a large upgrade of track facilities would be necessary in order for Formula 1 to return here.

According to Reuters, the other option at the moment seems to be a new street circuit, located in Guadalajara. This city has been praised for huge economic potential, as well as a large young population. It has been touted as a “city of the future”. However, no concrete circuit plan has been drawn up yet.

Mexico currently has its first Formula 1 driver since HĂ©ctor Rebaque back in 1981.


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