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830m DRS zone for Spain

The Spanish GP will have an 830m DRS zone

The Spanish GP will have an 830m DRS zone

The Drag Reduction System is to be even more crucial in the Spanish Grand Prix, as the FIA have announced an 830 metre activation zone – the longest so far this year.

While the adjustable wing system has brought an extra spectacle this year, it suffered complaints at the Turkish Grand Prix, where many noticed that it was too easy for cars to overtake using DRS (the zone was around the high 700 metre mark, I never found a precise figure).

The Chinese Grand Prix DRS zone was reduced from 902 metres to 752m, after the FIA believed that 900m would make it too easy to overtake.

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is almost certain that the DRS zone for Barcelona will be on the start/finish straight.

While many will be worried of more over-simplified overtaking, it is good to remember that the Spanish Grand Prix has a reputation for being difficult to pass on, unlike Turkey.


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