No DRS ban for Monaco

DRS will be used in Monaco

DRS will be used in Monaco

The FIA has decided that there will be no ban on the Drag Reduction System for the Monaco Grand Prix, despite safety concerns from drivers.

The unlimited use of the adjustable rear wing in the tunnel is the primary concern from some drivers, who feel that it is an unnecessary risk.

However, some teams voiced their support for retaining the system, claiming it would be difficult to create a Monaco-specific rear wing.

Williams technical director Sam Michael has said that Charlie Whiting has told the teams there will be no ban, as only a handful of teams objected to the device:

"Charlie told us this morning. There were some teams that did not think DRS would be 
good there, but other teams were saying they did not agree [with the ban] and did not 
understand on what basis [it would be banned].

So Charlie was quite straightforward about it. He said that there wasn't a strong 
enough argument to not have it, so it is staying. We were neutral on it, we didn't 

On the other hand, several drivers are unhappy with using DRS on the street circuit. Rubens Barrichello in particular feels that the sport’s governing body has made the wrong call:

"I just think it is wrong. I would love the people at the top to sit in the car and 
try to do the tunnel with the DRS open.

In my opinion, they are waiting for something bad to happen. And when it happens, 
they will just say, 'oh, next year we will not have it for Monaco'.

The drivers have not been listened to right now and I think it is the wrong 

I can see a race [filled] with safety cars. If they could listen still: I think 
Monaco is what it is. It is not overtaking territory.

Do they think they can introduce overtaking through the DRS? They possibly can, but 
they might hurt someone. That is a voice from experience."

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