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FIA allows 1 month Bahrain deadline extension

The 2011 Bahrain GP still appears uncertain

The 2011 Bahrain GP still appears uncertain

The FIA has allowed the Bahrain Motor Federation an additional month to decide the future of the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix.

With the original deadline expiring yesterday, rumours mounted that the Grand Prix was in serious doubt for 2011. However, after encouragement from Bernie Ecclestone a few days ago, the FIA is giving more time for the event organisers to make the call.

Violent protests against the Bahrain government caused the race to be cancelled in March, and since then the country has been in a state of emergency.

This one-month extension is being granted to assess the condition of the state’s political climate, which is currently tense to say the least.

With this, it seems almost certain that, if the race is rescheduled for 2011, it will take place after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and before the Brazilian Grand Prix. This is because the 4-week break in the summer is too close to organise a race, and the 20th November seems to be the only achieveable target for the race to go ahead.