DRS may be banned in Monaco

The adjustable rear wing may not be in place in Monaco

The adjustable rear wing may not be in place in Monaco

The banning of the Drag Reduction System at the Monaco Grand Prix is being considered, after complaints from drivers regarding safety were brought up.

It has been said that a number of drivers are concerned about the unlimited use of DRS in practice and qualifying at the tight and twisting street circuit.

Because qualifying is so important in Monte Carlo, there are fears that drivers may take risks with the DRS system – most notably at the right-hander in the tunnel.

While no decision has been made yet, the FIA are considering banning the device for this one Grand Prix. Discussions will be held with the teams and drivers at the Turkish Grand Prix, with a decision from the FIA expected after that race weekend.

So far, the combination of the DRS unit and Pirelli tyres have brought an extra spectacle to F1 racing this year. Strategies are diverse and unpredictable, and DRS allows overtaking without making the passing too easy.

However, safety must be respected at all times, and in the case of a track where two cars simply can’t run side-by-side, I believe the device should be banned.

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