Kubica promises to return in 2011

Robert Kubica has vowed to return to racing this year

Robert Kubica has vowed to return to racing this year

Despite going under the knife for the second time in a week after his horrific rally crash, Robert Kubica has already vowed to return before the season ends – and better than ever.

The Polish driver is set to undergo a 7-hour operation today, as doctors try to repair the damage to his hand, arm and leg. Kubica was involved in a crash at the Ronde di Andora rally, where a crash barrier went straight through the car, causing his injuries.

While doctors have warned of a 12-month recovery period, F1 personnel have speculated he could return in 6, and Kubica has stated he “must” return to racing this year:

"I want to get back on the track stronger than ever, because after these accidents 
you aren't what you were before, you improve.

It happened to me in 2007 too, after the crash in Canada. I was out for a race and 
when I got back I was better. A driver is not just throttle and steering wheel, it's
more than that. There's a difference between someone who drives at 80 per cent and 
who does at 95 per cent: in that 15 per cent extra you find the abilities and the 
motivations coming out.

Since 2007, I'm stronger head-wise as a driver. And it will be the same this time 
again, when I'll be back in good physical shape. I must return this year.

I remember well my state when, seven years ago, when I was in a car with a friend 
driving, we were hit by another car driven by a drunk. Back then too, we ended up 
against an armco barrier and bent it, before falling down a cliff.

It was the same right arm - massacred. But after four days it didn't feel as good 
as it feels now, and this reassures me. Dr Ceccarelli did the rest, and he assists 
me now too.

I have an insane urge to cut the times with the best possible preparation. I don't 
even know what a bone is like, but since they are fixing it for me, it's up to me 
to make it work the way it's supposed to."

It has been reported that Polish church leaders have sent Kubica a drop of blood from Pope John Paul II to aid his recovery. They have also sent the former Pope’s robes to Robert, for him to keep his faith.

However, it’s worth noting how close to death he actually came. His manager, Daniele Morelli, described how he was prepared for the worst:

"When he arrived here he had only one litre of blood. 'Call the boy's parents,' 
the doctors told me on Sunday afternoon. I felt a chill in my spine."

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