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Lotus reveal T128

The Lotus T128

The Lotus T128

Lotus have shown off their 2011 car: The T128. Originally intended to be named the TL11, it was changed after the recent disputed with Renault/Group Lotus regarding who owns the Lotus name.

This car features extremely thin sidepods, as well as the split airbox design that Mercedes introduced last year. While the 2011 regulations were changed to avoid such a design, Lotus appear to have found a way around this. The nosecone has also been lowered at the very front.

The gearbox this year will be supplied by Red Bull, after several problems last year. Also, engine power has switched from Cosworth to Renault.

Also, the team have stated that they will not be using KERS at the start of the season. Keith Saunt, chief operating officer, explained:

"If KERS was going to get us from eighth to sixth then we’d have it. But 
when you look at the weight of it and some of the engineering challenges, I 
think it’s a good decision not to start with it. We might end up with it, 
who knows?"

Livery-wise, the car remains the same, apart from a yellow addition onto the back of the engine cover.


Sauber C30 released

Sauber's new C30

Sauber's new C30

Sauber are the second team today to show off their 2011 car, the C30. With this model, the team say they are hoping for regular points finishes.

Sauber's new C30

Sauber's new C30

It is Sauber’s first car designed by James Key, the man who turned around their 2010 season after moving from Force India.

As expected, it was shown off by Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez. They have also ditched the shark fin engine cover, and the C30 also featured revised sideboards and nose cone.

As for the livery, the new logos thrown on make it the worst looking car so far of 2011. Unfortunately, Peter Sauber has stated that he liked last year’s design, so expect this livery to stick around for some time.

Renault R31 launched

The new Renault R31

The new Renault R31

The Renault R31 has been revealed today, featuring its new black-and gold livery.

It was unveiled today in the pit lane in Valencia, where testing starts tomorrow.

At the same time, the team have also announced their two newest test drivers as Bruno Senna and Romain Grosjean, joining Jan Charouz, Ho-Ping Tung and Fairuz Fauzy.

The car has dropped the shark fin layout, like Ferrari last week. They have also adopted the pull-rod suspension layout, the one that Red Bull have been using to great effect in the last 2 years.

Update: I’ve heard that the exhaust pipes on this car are nowhere to be seen. According to reports, Renault are operating a revolutionary system, where the exhaust pipes are brought to the front of the car, then the gases are pushed into an exhaust blown diffuser – all at the front of the car, not the back.