Ferrari F150 launched

The new Ferrari F150

The new Ferrari F150

The first of the 2011 Formula 1 cars have been revealed, with Ferrari showing off their newest challenger: the F150.

The 150 in the name is in recognition of 150 years since Italy’s unification. It was launched today at the team’s base in Maranello.

The new Ferrari F150

A front-angle view of the Ferrari F150

In technical terms, it’s certainly a case of evolution over revolution. The shark-fin engine cover has been dropped, in favour of the conventional engine cover. The nose cone is much higher than the F10, and becomes wider near the front. The entire rear wing is now mounted to the central pylon.

Several new sections on the rear wing of the Ferrari F150

Several new sections on the rear wing of the Ferrari F150

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that the front wing is exactly the same as the one used at the end of last year, seeing as it has the adjustable section (which is banned for 2011). This probably means that we will see an interim 2011 front wing in testing.

The top rear wing flap is new, presumably to be used as the adjustable rear wing section. The bottom section of the rear wing has also been rounded off.

Other aerodynamic pieces, such as the turning vanes and bargeboards, remain the same.

The livery is generally the same, apart from the new Ferrari logo on the engine cover, replacing the barcode design of last year. The Italian flag colours new feature on the back of the rear wing.

In an interview, Stefano Domenicali said that there are “too many very good teams” and that their team “would not underestimate anyone”:

Here is a video walk-around of the F150:


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