Pirelli aiming for two-stop races

Pedro de la Rosa testing Pirelli wet tyres in Abu Dhabi

Pedro de la Rosa testing Pirelli wet tyres in Abu Dhabi

Pirelli have stated that they are still hoping to have every Grand Prix next year to incorporate two-stop strategies. The plan is to use much softer and quicker-wearing tyre compounds than those used in recent years.

The extremely durable Bridgestones last year were certainly effective at lasting the distance – too well, many would say. Strategies last year were often the same, and on several occasions, drivers could use the softer tyres until the second last lap with no difficulties.

Occasionally, races last year such as Montreal produced fantastic racing because of heavily degrading tyres on both compounds, and Pirelli aim to emulate this for the 2011 season.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director at Pirelli, said that the company would try their best, but could not guarantee results at every race:

"We hope to have at least two tyre changes in every race. We want to try to 
create more of a show.

We will try to play our part to create as much interest in the sport as 
possible. But we have to be realistic. This is our first year and some of 
the tracks we can't possibly test at - like the street circuits, or the new 

We have asked the sport to consider testing new compounds during the season 
and they have suggested, verbally at least, that it could be possible in 
Friday first practices to try different compounds."

Up to this point, Pirelli have completed nearly 13,000 kilometres in testing. Currently, they are testing their wet weather tyres at the artificially wet Abu Dhabi track. According to reports, they will be supplying 50,000 tyres to Formula 1 per season.

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