Hispania leaves FOTA

Hispania are now the only F1 team not a part of FOTA

Hispania are now the only F1 team not a part of FOTA

HRT have stated that they are to leave the Formula One Teams Association, claiming that the group only focuses on the leading teams. However, FOTA argue that financial troubles caused Hispania to drop out.

FOTA, which was set up in mid-2008, exists to give teams a voice when negotiating with the FIA and Formula One Group (Commercial owners of F1). At the moment, the teams are discussing a Resource Restriction Agreement, which should limit spending from the big teams, and aid the smaller ones. Previously, they played a crucial part in the 2008 Concorde Agreement.

However, despite this, HRT has left the group, claiming:

"The truth is we left because FOTA defends only the interests of the big 

"For example, it doesn't divide the extra points revenues in equal parts as 
planned. The difference in TV rights revenues seems excessive between 10th 
place, which gets $36 million, and 11th which gets $10 million. So why 
should the entry fee be equal for everyone?"

However, Simone Perillo, secretary general of FOTA, sees things differently:

"I can confirm that the Hispania Racing F1 Team did not fulfil its 2010 
FOTA membership fee obligations."

Despite this, Kolles insists the team were going to leave regardless, before they were suspended after their failure to pay.


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