F1 2013 engine specs set to be revealed

Current F1 engines are set for an overhaul

Current F1 engines are set for an overhaul

During the World Motor Sport Council meeting this Friday, speculation is mounting over the possible announcement of the 2013 engine specifications for the F1 grid.

The general belief is that 1.6 Litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged, direct injection engines will be the ones to be used. Compare this to the current spec of 2.4 Litre, 8 cylinder engines, non-turbocharged engines the grid are currently using.

Scarbs F1 is ¬†reporting that further details include: “88mm bores, 100kg\h fuel flow rate.”

Power output is expected to remain around the same (if not slightly lower), and fuel efficiency should drastically improve by up to 50%. These changes are not to reduce the actual CO2 output of the grid, rather to encourage environmentally friendly engines to be used on road cars.

600 bhp is expected to come from the actual engines, while 150 bhp may be supplied from energy recovery systems such as KERS, and the possible introduction of an engine gases recovery system.

The one disappointing stat from this expected announcement is that engine revs will be reduced (naturally, not limited) to about 10,000 rpm. Further details should arrive in the next few days.

One response to “F1 2013 engine specs set to be revealed

  1. buzzlightyear March 5, 2011 at 17:17

    i think that what they should do is.
    address the cost issue by giving them 2 options

    give them the option of the new 1.6 FI (wich would be the expensive route)
    give them the strict engine rules and rpm regs and such

    or give them the option of using the old 3.0 10’s that have already been developed and make them use manual gearboxes , H pattern .
    give them unrestricted rpm and hp
    a few more engines and tranny’s a year .
    it would be cheaper but still competitive ^^

    as far as the racing , the aerodynamics should be unrestricted but not active .
    you should have to pit to change anything .

    bring back big rear tires and front tires but keep the width of the car the same as not to hard to pass .

    and finally , what has to be done is the removal of the pit lane speed limit .
    that would make it much more unpredictable .

    if these things were done the sounds and thrills of formula one would be returned and it would be 10 fold more entertaining to watch .

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