Vettel unaware of championship victory until last lap

In the post-race press conference, 2010 world champion Sebastian Vettel has said that his team did not inform him he was about to win the title until the very last lap.

Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber were stuck down in 7th and 8th places repsectively, meaning that Vettel was 4 points clear of the Ferrari when the chequered flag fell. However, as Sebastian tells us, he didn’t know much about it:

 To be honest I didn’t know anything until I took the 
chequered flag. The last ten laps I was wondering because 
my race engineer Rocky was trying to give me advice in 
the last ten laps to bring the car home. And I was think
 “why is this guy so nervous? We must be in a bloody good 

And then crossing the line he came on the line very 
silently and said “it’s looking good, we have to wait 
until the cars finish” and I was thinking “what does he 
mean?” Because I hadn’t seen the screens, I just wanted 
to make sure not to get any distractions, just focus on 

And then he comes on the radio and screams at me that we’ve
 won the world championship.

I have to say thanks to a lot of people, I will surely 
forget a lot of those but to start with the team, all the 
guys here at the race track, all my mechanics – all the 
mechanics in the team, not only my mechanics – everyone.

The engineers – sorry I’ve made this a bit long – we have 
an extremely strong amount of people together working in 
harmony. Back in Milton Keynes the guys are pushing like 
hell and I think they’ll enjoy this moment as much as 
last year.

Back in Austria, all the people that have been supporting 
me from the beginning. It’s been an incredible season with 
Red Bull and after this season’s ups and downs, to come 
here and lead the world championship at the last race is 

Thanks and also thanks to all the people back in karting, 
some of them are in Kerpen supporting me, but also back 
in my home town, Heppenheim, I just want to say thank 
you very much.


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