Chinese Grand Prix in doubt?

The Chinese GP could be in doubt for next year

The Chinese GP could be in doubt for next year

The Chinese Grand Prix has been placed in doubt recently, over the FIA delaying the addition of the circuit to the 2011 calendar, and the track’s contract not yet extended by Bernie Ecclestone.

The FIA’s 2011 race calendar was updated today, with 2 changes. Both of these changes related to two circuits being “subject to homologation”. The first is the Indian GP, which is obvious, seeing as that track is still under construction. The second, however, is the Shanghai International Circuit – even though no changes are being made to the circuit.

The reason the FIA are delaying the conformation of the circuit is because their contract runs out with Bernie Ecclestone this year, and has not yet been extended. Rumour has it that Bernie wants $30m per year on the new contract. To make matters worse, this circuit has not been running profitably, with low ticket sales (many tickets are given away free), and a lack of interest by the Chinese government in investing there.

It looks like we will have to wait and see what happens to the future of the Chinese Grand Prix. Would you miss it if it went? I’m not sure I would…


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