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Lotus to use Red Bull technology for 2011

Lotus have announced a tie-in with the Red Bull team, where they will be using Red Bull-manufactured engines and hydraulics for the 2011 season. They have already announced their annulment of their contract with Cosworth, so an announcement about them using Renault engines is also imminent.

Lotus will use Red Bull hydraulics and gearboxes for 2011

Lotus will use Red Bull hydraulics and gearboxes for 2011

Reliability has been the main problem from Lotus’ first season, with 9 mechanical retirements, most of these from hydraulic and gearbox problems. Their current supplier, Xtrac, who supplies gearboxes and hydraulics to all 3 new teams (Virgin making their gearbox casing being the only exception), has been lagging behind other competitors in terms of reliability, and Lotus claim that this move will be a big step forward for them.

Techincal officer Mike Gascoyne said:

"The announcement that we have reached a multi-year agreement 
with Red Bull Technology for the supply of our gearboxes and 
hydraulics from 2011 is obviously a massive step forward for 
us, both in engineering terms, and as an expression of our 
ambitions for next year and for future championships.

The gearbox / hydraulics package obviously plays a critical 
role in the performance of the car, not just on track but in 
design and packaging terms, and this deal gives our design 
and aero teams a very exciting platform to work with.

The removal of the double diffusers in 2011 will allow the 
whole grid to tighten up the rear bodywork and mechanical 
structures around the gearbox, and this supply deal will 
allow us to capitalise on that with our 2011 car. Exciting 
times lie ahead!"

I was slightly surprised, considering that we were all expecting the Renault engine announcement, but this is a great step forward for Lotus. The Renault engine news is surely due any day soon.