Abu Dhabi helping Bulgaria into F1?

Reports this week have suggested that Abu Dhabi is set to assist Bulgaria in launching a new F1 bid.

Boyko Borisov, prime minister of Bulgaria, as well as Bodgan Nikolov, who is the head of the Bulgarian Motorcycling Federation, were meeting with Mohammed Abdul Jalil al Blouki, the chair of the state-run Emirates Associated Business Group (EABG), regarding a deal to get Formula 1 into Bulgaria.

An economic cooperation memorandum has been signed, meaning that the funding and construction of a potential track would be paid for by Abu Dhabi. No comment on the deal has been made so far, with the EABG worried of the “various interpretations of the media”.

However, it is understood that it will be known within 2 weeks whether Bulgaria will have a track or not. Also, while a date is too difficult to call yet, it is understood that the deal hopes for a Grand Prix starting around 2012 or 2013 or so.


3 responses to “Abu Dhabi helping Bulgaria into F1?

  1. LIlly September 3, 2010 at 10:40

    Boiko Borisov is a prime minister of Bulgaria, not a president! Check your infor before publishing!

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