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Possible merger of Hispania and Epsilon Euskadi?

Recent reports in Spain have suggested that there may be merger talks between the Hispania team, and Epsilon Euskadi, who are aiming to be the 13th team in Formula 1 next year. With doubts over the current Spanish outfit’s outlook for next season, a merger would ensure a Spanish team stays in the sport.

Epsilon Euskadi principal Joan Villadelprat is reportedly in merger talks with Hispania

Epsilon Euskadi principal Joan Villadelprat is reportedly in merger talks with Hispania

The Spanish news site EFE is claiming that Epsilon Euskadi chief Joan Villadelprat is considering two options. One is to simply enter as the 13th team, provided the FIA select them as the optimum candidate. The other is to merge with Hispania. It is unknown at this time whether Epsilon Euskadi would prefer to merge or enter on their own.

According to EFE, Villadelprat asked Hispania team owner, Jose Ramon Carabante, “what Hispania needs, what Epsilon can offer and if there is the possibility of collaboration”. Carabante has reportedly responded by saying that Epsilon Euskadi’s infrastructure would rank in the top 5 of the F1 teams, but they lack €17m in investment to enter F1 alone.

The idea of a merger makes very good sense actually, as Euskadi have amazing technological facilities, seeing as they construct Le Mans Prototype machines, but I had already noted that financial investment was lacking, as well as a shortage of sponsors. On the other hand, Hispania have no technical facilities or experience, after their split with chassis constructor Dallara, but they have a handful of sponsors, mostly brought on board by Sakon Yamamoto.

Personally, I think a merger would work well, but if Yamamoto keeps his seat next year to secure sponsor investment, then it’s a completely different story. Also, if Euskadi were to enter F1 this way, then the battle for the 13th slot would lack any convincing entries.

On the other hand, if Epsilon Euskadi were to enter alone, and Hispania collapsed, then F1 would be back to 12 teams again after all their efforts. Although having said that, the idea of losing Hispania isn’t exactly worrying.


More concerns over Korean Grand Prix

The Korean Grand Prix, scheduled to take place on the 22nd to the 24th October, appears to be well behind schedule, with latest photos showing the track looking more like a rally circuit than an F1 venue. Despite this, the circuit organisers still insist that the Jeonman circuit wil open on September 5th, in only 2 week’s time.

The Korean Grand Prix track appears to be well behind schedule

The Korean Grand Prix track appears to be well behind schedule

The picture, vie 5Live F1’s Twitter account, will demonstrate just how far the track is from completion. While the paddock is understood to be more developed than this, it still worries me, as there is only 2 months left until the Korean Grand Prix is to start.

The only real description of the finished track we have is that of the upcoming game F1 2010. At Gamescom, their visualisation of the Jeonman track was shown, and I have to say it doesn’t look too bad (the track and the game). There seems to be at least 2 spots for overtaking, but may lack challenging corners. Here is the video (note the harsh penalty system for causing collisions, I approve):

What do you think? Will the track be completed in time for before the F1 paddock comes steaming in to Korea? If not, will you miss the track as it appears in the game?