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Senna: No guarantee of Hispania next year

Bruno Senna has said that the financial problems behind the Hispania team are hurting their attempts to develop their car, and that there can be no guarantee of them being on the grid next year.

Bruno Senna has said that there is no guarantee of Hispania being on the grid next year

Bruno Senna has said that there is no guarantee of Hispania being on the grid next year

After surviving the first half of the year with little resources and no testing whatsoever, it is now emerging that Hispania are now unable to develop their car properly, as they lack the financial backing to do so. This is the reason behind Senna stating that the team may not make it through to next season.

Speaking to the Brazilian media at a news conference yesterday, Bruno said:

"The financial difficulties hinder the development of the car. We 
are able to keep the team running through the end of the year. But 
we can not be like Red Bull, which always has little or big things 
in the car every weekend.

Few teams are guaranteed to be on the grid next year. Formula 1 is 
not easy. The Hispania and other teams can not give that guarantee."

We knew it would be a risk to enter into a new team. But essentially 
it changed between when we signed and the start of the season. We 
made a firm contract and we could not predict what lied ahead."

We had a big learning process. We started the year without testing. 
We have been working and making the most of the car. We had small 
updates to the car like the fuel tank, electronics... Every weekend 
we're getting new things [from the car]."

However, on the other hand, he also said that the Hispania team are in negotiations with the former Toyota team, regarding the acquisition of Toyota F1 car parts, but the situation was complicated, as those parts still need FIA homologation.