Cypher Group submits F1 2011 application

The American Cypher Group has announced that they have submitted an official application to race in the Formula 1 2011 championship, after announcing a tie-up with American driver Jonathan Summerton. This comes after the failed attempt from USF1 to enter Formula 1.

Jonathan Summerton has become part of the Cypher Group's application

Jonathan Summerton has become part of the Cypher Group's application

It believed that certain members of the failed USF1 team have joined the Cypher Group, who adamantly believe that America can still produce a successful Formula 1 team. Their statement reads as follows:

"We have officially submitted our candidature and hope that we will 
shortly be selected by the FIA as the 13th entry in the 2011 FIA 
Formula One World Championship. We aspire to bring America's red, 
white, and blue back into Formula 1."

Jonathan Summerton has previosuly raced in A1GP, Formula 3 and the Atlantic Championship, and competed in Indy Lights earlier this year. The team said this about him:

"Jonathan is capable of racing against the top Formula 1 drivers and
we hope to be able to give him a competitive car. We look forward to
the opportunity of being on the starting grid in 2011."

At the moment, the Cypher Group appears to be competing against Epsilon Euskadi, Stefan GP and Durango for the 13th grid spot. ART were rumoured to be applying, but dropped out recently. As it stands, Stefan GP looks like the best-equipped outfit, but we will have to wait and see.

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