Mallorca circuit bidding for F1 race

Recently, the future of the European Grand Prix has been in doubt, as the organisers of the Valencia circuit have been struggling to pay the contract. Because of this doubt over the long-term future of this event, representatives of a planned circuit in the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca have met with Bernie Ecclestone to try and snatch the F1 rights off Valencia as early as 2013.

The first draft for the proposition for a circuit in Mallorca

The first draft for the proposition for a circuit in Mallorca

The circuit is in its early design stage, although Spanish architects Mateo Palmer and Biel Arbona are already working on the track layout. Federico Gastaldi, one of the men who brought Argentina back on the F1 calendar years ago, is currently in discussions with Bernie Ecclestone over this plan. Joan Jaume Mule, the the mayor of the Llucmajor municipality of the Balearic Islands, has already thrown his support behind the project also.

Valencia has a contract to hold F1 races until and including 2014, but rumours a few months ago speculated that the circuit orgainisers were struggling to keep up payments to Bernie. If this is the case, then the Mallorca circuit may be allowed to enter negotiations.

Mallorca itself is completely centered around tourism, seeing as half the population work in the tourist industry. Economically, the island could be capable of hosting an F1 race, but it’s the track itself that worries me. While it is only the first proposition, it appears to be a mess of heavy left and right-handers. This 3.6 mile track has no exciting corners, and only has 1 realistic overtaking opportunity. More though is required if these designers even want to start to think about a proposition to host an F1 race.


One response to “Mallorca circuit bidding for F1 race

  1. Japan Auction August 30, 2010 at 14:45

    Nice. Very nice circuit for F1 race, but could have been better if there was a very big curve at the center of the track. Anyway congratulations in advanced to whomever made this circuit for it will surely be sale to him/them.

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