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Canadian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the first time this year in qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. Here are the pictures from today:

Hamilton takes pole position in Canada

Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix tomorrow. He will start ahead of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, who will both start on the medium tyre. Here is the full report:


The Virgin of Timo Glock was first out, while most others waited in the garage for a few more minutes. Vitaly Petrov set the initial pace with a 1.20.210, before being unseated by Jarno Trulli soon after. Fernando Alonso was the first of the frontrunners to set a time, on the medium tyres, with a 1.17.864.

Mark Webber decided to go out on the super-s0ft tyres, and set a 1.17.988, which was quite surprising, as it was predicted that they would be conserved until Q3. McLaren revealed that they would be using used super-soft tyres for Q1. Fernando Alonso improved on his earlier time, before being beaten by Mark Webber, who was instantly beated by Vitantonio Liuzzi. However, this only lasted for about 10 seconds, as Lewis Hamilton was the first driver to get into the 1.16 zone.

Sebastian Vettel, also on the super-soft tyres like his team-mate, ended up 2nd on his first run. But, Hamilton blitzed a 1.15.889, and became the first driver of the entire weekend to get a 1.15 time. Robert Kubica was the last driver to set his first lap, which was a 1.16.853 to take 9th place.

With 5 minutes to go, the battle to survive Q1 was between the Toro Rosso and Sauber drivers. When both Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi improved their times, it became clear that Kamui Kobayashi was going to fall at the first hurdle. He was knocked out alongside the Lotus, Virgin and HRT cars.For a moment, it appeared as if Heikki Kovalainen was going to be the first of the new teams to beat an established team, but Kobayashi just scraped past him to finish 18th.

Karun Chandhok set an awful time, a 1.27, as his car had a problem. Seeing as he had been given a 5-place penalty for a gearbox change, he elected not to go out again.

Amazingly, in this session, the Lotus cars were only 2.2 seconds slower than the fastest laps, which is an excellent improvement.

Drivers knocked out in Q1:

18) Kamui Kobayashi

19) Heikki Kovalainen

20) Jarno Trulli

21) Timo Glock

22) Bruno Senna

23) Lucas di Grassi

24) Karun Chandhok


Vitaly Petrov was the first driver out, on the super-soft tyres, although he ditched his first attempt. The first fast lap was set by Vitantonio Liuzzi, which was a 1.17.726, which was 1 tenth faster than Fernando Alonso’s first attempt. Mark Webber than got a 1.16.292, before Sebastian Vettel set a 1.16.163 to take 1st place.

But, it was short lived, as Lewis Hamilton recorded a 1.16.053, and Fernando Alonso got a 1.15.954. Then, Robert Kubica got the fastest lap of the weekend so far, with a 1.15.6, before Vettel took top spot again with a 1.15.556. Nico Rosberg went 4th, beating his team-mate Schumacher, although he did crash his car over the final kerbs a bit.

Jenson Button was particularly unimpressive, getting 9th place, while Hamilton took 1st spot again with a 1.15.528. Mark Webber was next up out on track. He was very close to Hamilton’s times in the first sector, although he messed up the second half of the lap, and ditched that attempt. Sebastian Vettel also went out for another run, but was unable to improve his time.

Nico Hulkenberg was quite poor in Q2, and couldn’t improve from 17th at the moment. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher was in danger of being knocked out, as he was only 10th. With his next attempt, he failed to improve. He and Jenson Button were struggling, and were in danger from 12th placed Liuzzi. His final lap, a 1.16.423, knocked Michael down to 11th. Then, Schumacher’s next lap got him into 10th, at the expense of Button.

Jenson’s final lap got him into 7th place, which again pushed Schumacher into the drop-out zone. Then, a faster lap from Nico Hulkenberg shoved him down to 12th, and he stayed there, and was knocked out in Q2. Rubens Barrichello’s last-gasp attempt got him 11th, alongside Hulkenberg, which is an improvement for Williams. Also, Force India did well to get both cars into Q3.

Drivers knocked out in Q2:

11) Rubens Barrichello

12) Nico Hulkenberg

13) Michael Schumacher

14) Vitaly Petrov

15) Sebastien Buemi

16) Jaime Alguersuari

17) Pedro de la Rosa


As the lights went green to signal the start of Q3, no car made a move for at least a minute, until both McLarens were the first out. Button’s attempt was very poor, and Hamilton beat him by an entire second, with a 1.15.500. Fernando Alonso was up next, although his first attempt was more of a warm-up. Both Red Bulls and Robert Kubica opted for the medium tyres, while Alonso’s lap was well behind Hamilton.

Webber’s first lap was only a few tenths behind Hamilton, which isn’t bad considering he was on the harder tyre. His next attempt was very close to Lewis, but he was still in 2nd. Vettel cut the final chicane after a mistake, which ruined his main attempt. Robert Kubica went 5th fastest, while Nico Rosberg was 7th.

Fernando Alonso finally knocked off Hamilton, just before Webber went even faster with a 1.15.373. Lewis’ final attempt was too slow, and he didn’t improve. Felipe Massa went 5th, and Button got 4th. Then, as the session neared the ending, Vettel went 2nd, and it was all down to Hamilton. His final lap was a stunner, a 1.15.1, which clinched him pole position, ahead of the two Red Bulls.

Vitantonio Liuzzi had a fantastic qualifying performance, possibly a career-saving one, to take 6th place.

But, as he celebrated, his team went on the radio to inform him that he didn’t have enough fuel to enter the pit lane, and he had to stop out on track. He then proceeded to delight the fans by cutting out the engine and pushing the car down the back straight! It certainly was a unique way to celebrate beating the Red Bulls to pole position for the first time this year.