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Monaco Grand Prix stats and facts

The Monaco Grand Prix was Mark Webber’s 4th of his career. See more stats and facts from the Monaco Grand Prix here:

  • This was Red Bull’s sixth 1-2 finish in their history, their second this year.
  • This was Mark Webber’s fourth pole position of his career, which puts him level with Jarno Trulli, Giancarlo Fisichella, Didier Pironi and Mike Hawthorn.
  • This was also Webber’s fourth win of his career which puts him level with Eddie Irvine, Bruce McLaren and Dan Gurney.
  • This was also Sebastian Vettel’s fourth fastest lap of his career, which puts him level with Jean Alesi, Jo Siffert, Partick Depallier and Jean-Pierre Beltoise.
  • This is the first ever time that both Force India cars have finished in the points together.
  • There are now only two drivers who have scored points in all the 2010 races so far: Mark Webber and Felipe Massa.
  • This was the first time in 51 years that an Australian has won the Monaco Grand Prix, the last time was in 1959 by Sir Jack Brabham.

More stats and facts will be added soon.

FOTA narrows down choices to Pirelli and Michelin

Folowing another FOTA (Formula 1 Teams Association) meeting after the Monaco Grand Prix, it has been revealed that the teams have narrowed their choice for 2011 tyre supplier to Pirelli and Michelin.

Prior to this meeting, many other companies were in the running, such as Cooper Avon and Kumho. However, according to Stefano Domenicali, only two option now remain. He stated:

"No decision has been taken yet. I think, give it another week and
maybe by next weekend we will have found a solution.

There are now only two possibilities, though - Michelin and Pirelli.
I don't see any other option."

Their decicion was supposed to be made this weekend, but an agreement has not yet been reached. Eric Boullier has said that a decicion must be made by the next race in Turkey in two weeks time:

"It has to be, because I think there is a technical issue that if 
we wait too late then nothing will be ready for next year. It has 
to be done by Turkey."

So far, we are not sure about which supplier the teams are tipping towards. Pirelli do not bring as many terms and conditions, althoug Michelin have technical and commercial benefits that Pirelli do not. The main problem with Michelin, it seems, is that they are insisting on having a rival supplier, something many feel is not appropriate in F1 at this time.

Over the Monaco GP weekend, Pirelli may have been the favourite, although that could well change by Turkey. Personally, I would prefer the Italian company, as Michelin bring too many conditions to convince me. But, as we know, commercial interests often win in Formula 1.