Ferrari removes barcode from livery

Ferrari have replaced the barcode with a white box outline

Ferrari have replaced the barcode with a white box outline

Ferrari have announced that they have removed their barcode design from their cars, after complaints that it was subliminal messaging for the cigarette company Marlboro.

The previous design has been replaced by a white box outline. Ferrari explained this decision:

"Together with Philip Morris International we have decided to modify 
the livery of our cars starting with the Barcelona Grand Prix.

This decision was taken in order to remove all speculation 
concerning the so-called 'bar code' which was never intended to be a 
reference to a tobacco brand.

By this we want to put an end to this ridiculous story and 
concentrate on more important things than on such groundless 

Because of this, the doctors that caused this row will probably cease their threat of investigation. But, will it really make any difference? This row has obviously brought Marlboro plenty of publicity, even if it was negative, and that completely renders the doctors’ argument pointless. I’d say that this row has given them more attention than if they had questioned Ferrari’s barcode design, and it was still here.

But, it’s gone, so it’s probably all over, even if the Scuderia are now stuck with a ridiculous box on their cars. Do you think Ferrari make the right call?


One response to “Ferrari removes barcode from livery

  1. pickle92 May 6, 2010 at 19:22

    The right call by Ferrari. This story will now only get a small mention on the TV, and it wouldn’t drag on.

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