Stefan GP confirms F1 2011 bid

Stefan GP's new logo

Stefan GP's new logo

After many weeks of silence, Stefan GP have now said that they are to bid for the final slot on the grid for the 2011 season. Also, this time, they have come prepared.

First of all, they have announced a deal with the Mayor of Stara Pazova to construct a Stefan Technology Park. It contains a racing circuit suitable for Formula 1 racing, and a technical complex for Stefan GP headquarters. It has also been claimed that this technology park will be on par with the top teams’ facilities.

Secondly, Stefan GP have released info on what drivers they have and will be talking to. On their site, they list these 12 drivers as Jacques Villeneuve, Narain Karthikeyan, Kazuki Nakajima, Pastor Maldonado, Bartrand Baguette, Sebastien Loeb, Ralf Schumacher, Christian Klien, Karun Chandhok, Takuma Sato, Adrian Valles and Alex Margaritis. However, I must feel that some of these drivers must be annoyed at this news being released.

Most of these drivers make sense, but Loeb? Yeah right. When he tested for Red Bull a few years back, he was only a few tenths off the main drivers’ times after an hour. If he ever comes to F1, it will never be with a small team.  Also, I have a feeling that Ralf Schumacher’s infamous wage requests when he was at Toyota might not be a good choice for a new team like Stefan. Otherwise, they have a good selection of young drivers to choose from, and they have already talked to all of them.

Next up, Zoran Stefanovich spoke about keeping motivated after being rejected for the 2010 grid position:

A great man by the name of Sir Winston Churchill once said 
something that I try to implant into the minds of the people 
in my team. It's something along the lines of: NEVER, NEVER, 
NEVER GIVE UP! In the last almost 12 months you were all 
witnesses of the fact that I strongly stand behind my beliefs.

I still believe that F1 would be a much more interesting 
competition with SGP, and my team and I feel like the battle 
is just starting. We want to be a part of F1 for both the long 
and short term future, and I hope that we will finally have 
the success we deserve.

This quality is shared by every person who has changed the world. 
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! Thank you for supporting us, and 
I hope to see you at GP soon!

Best Regards, Zoran Stefanovic

I must admit that with all of this I’m more trusting of Stefan GP, albeit not completely. They are much more organised, and now have plans for the future as well. The only thing they need now is the return of the technical partnership with Toyota, which they had used to develop their 2010 car.

What do you think? Should Stefan GP be given a chance to prove themselves, or should the grid spot be given to an established team like Epsilon Euskadi?

2 responses to “Stefan GP confirms F1 2011 bid

  1. sirpsycho April 24, 2010 at 15:25

    given that they came so close last time, and the fact that other teams who seemed ready were in fact a shambles behind the scenes, i think Stefan GP has every right and chance to make it onto the grid in 2011.

  2. pickle92 April 24, 2010 at 15:36

    I’d like to see Stefan GP on the grid next year, but if another team pips them to it I wouldn’t mind. I just want to see a full 26 car grid.

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