Tickets for Korean Grand Prix on sale

The planned layout for the Korean Grand Prix

The planned layout for the Korean Grand Prix

The Korean Auto Valley Operation (KAVO) has started to sell tickets ahead of the inaugural Korean Grand Prix in October.

The prices of these tickets will range from 117,000 won (£68,€75) to 920,000 won (£537,€600) minus tax at the track. This circuit is expected to hold around 123,000 people when the Grand Prix is launched in October.

This race will be the fifth and last Asian race of the season, and it will launch the final trio of races.

More information can be found at

Although I have no use whatsoever, I went onto the official site (the ticket part of it is in Korean) and got prices for a 3-day ticket at Grandstand B, which is beside the hairpin which connects the pit straight and the main straight. This grandstand definitely looks like the best spot to see some good F1 action, unless you are the sort who goes to the tight section of the circuit with a camera. I’ve compared prices against a few of the best circuits on the calendar, to see are the tickets really worth it.

The circuits I am comparing against are Silverstone, Spa, Monza (as 3 of the best in Europe), China and Singapore (as  of the best in Asia). Apart from Silverstone, all prices were obtained through

Best Grandstand Other grandstand
Korea €400
Silverstone €360 (Copse) €290 (Becketts)
Spa €520 (Eau Rouge) €520 (La Source)
Monza €340 (End of pit straight) €275 (Parabolica)
Shanghai €470 (Grandstand A) €260 (Grandstand K)
Singapore €575 (Turn 2) €315 (End of main straight)

Actually, it’s a bit cheaper than the best circuits around, but that was to be expected. I’ve heard from a few locals saying that it was too expensive for them, but €400 for a main ticket isn’t too bad compared to the rest. However, if you were thinking of going to any of the Asian races, there’s little point, seeing as how you can sit at Copse cheaper than any other great corner in the world.

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