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First results of FOTA survey revealed

The first results of FOTA's survey are out today

The first results of FOTA's survey are out today

FOTA’s F1 fan survey results are being revealed in parts, after the first result was published a few days ago. Today, a new set of answers were shown, the most important of which was people’s opinions on the new points system.

With over 90,000 people taking part, 44.9% thought that the new 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 system was good. However 61.9% thought that there should still be a bigger gap between first and second place finishers. To be honest, this isn’t good news for the FIA. Note that 44.9% thought the new system was “good”, not very good, and there’s no info on how many dislike the new points system. Also, 61.9% still want an improvement in this system, so it clearly isn’t going down well at the moment.

F1 fans were also asked what was the watching feature they wanted most. 65.7% of these wanted High Definition broadcasting, then the option to follow a specific car in the race (53.7%), and then to be able to watch F1 on the internet (52.4%). to be honest, internet access to F1 is the one feature I really want. Up to last year, I didn’t have any channel that had F1 coverage, so I had to watch crap quality, unreliable streams from sources that would be taken down for copyright infringement as soon as Bernie found out. I wouldn’t mind if a new official F1 stream was set up, but it’ll be far too expensive, mark my word.

The most favourited venue to watch a race was Monaco (52%), followed by Italy (50.6%), Britain (42.9%) and Germany (28.8%). I can kind of see why Monaco is there, but I’m not so sure about Germany.

Ferrari returned to the top as the most favourited team, followed by McLaren (19.1%) and Mercedes (10.01%). Of course Ferrari and McLaren are there, but why would anyone support Mercedes? Incredibly boring livery, boring results so far, and they are just a bought-out version of Brawn. Oh yeah, they have Schumacher, so everything’s fine, of course.

Like I said a few days earlier, Michael Schumacher is the most popular F1 driver (19.5%), followed by Fernando Alonso (9.7%), Kimi Raikkonen (7.2%), Felipe Massa (6.1%), Lewis Hamilton (6.0%) and Robert Kubica (4.3%).