Epsilon Euskadi looking for 2011 grid spot

Joan Villadelprat

Joan Villadelprat

Joan Villadelprat, the head of the Epsilon Euskadi team, has said that his squad is aiming to get into Formula 1 next year from 2011, after failing in its attempts last year.

While Epsilon Euskadi was on the shortlist for the 2010 grid spot, the place eventually went to the completely incompetent USF1, who promptly bottled it, and retracted their entry a week before the first race. The lack of time meant that no other team could be picked in time. However, Villadeprat is hopeful that his team can mount a more successful challenge for next year:

"We were ready in June, we had the financial support, but for whatever reasons 
we were not chosen.

We will reopen the project and my job is to re-gather all of the support that 
we had. If the FIA gives us enough time to be ready for next year, we can be in F1."

Villadelprat is not to be taken lightly, having been working for no less than 5 F1 teams over his lifetime. At the moment, his team works in the Le Mans Series, World Series by Renault, and the Formula Renault 2.0 West European Cup. They have also worked with many well-known drivers like Robert Kubica, Brandon Hartley, Jaime Alguersuari and Albert Costa. Like Stefan GP, they have good resources behind them, but it will still be down to the FIA to decide who gets the spot.

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