Hot and dry conditions for Bahrain, which will affect tyre choices

The Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit

As the Formula 1 teams make their annual pilgrimage to Bahrain, it is no surprise to see that dry and hot conditions are being forecast for the weekend.

Since Bahrain first hosted a Grand Prix in 2004, conditions have always been perfectly dry, but often too hot. This year, temperatures are forecast at around 35°C, with a southerly wind speed of 8-9kph. This wind speed will help speed the cars up slightly on the straight.

As we all know from last year, temperatures play a critical role in tyre managment. This year, it is even more important, as tyres will wear more heavily at the first stints compared to the last, due to the heavier fuel loads. Therefore, very hot temperatures mean that the teams may use the harder compound more.

As the same as last year, Bridgestone are supplying super-soft and medium compund tyres. Last year, we saw the Toyotas completely fall apart when they took on the medium tyres in the middle stint, so the super-softs will still probably be the optimum tyres. You may be right to say that the teams would want to put on the super-softs for the first 1 or 2 stints, then change to the mediums. But, the high temperatures combined with an extremely heavy fuel load will result in massive amounts of tyre wear, which is most noticable in the super-soft tyres.

Since there are large problems with both sets of tyres, and not much time to test them, get ready for some seriously strange strategies in Bahrain.


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