FIA developing solutions with USF1



It is understood that the FIA are in negotiations with USF1 as to keep the new team competing in the sport this year. Currently, the Charlotte squad are in huge trouble, with an unfinished car, only one driver confirmed (who is being linked to another team), and a general lack of funds.

At the moment, USF1 wishes to skip the first 4 races, to develop their car, but this would break the Concorde Agreement, so other alternatives are being considered. If USF1 fail to get the first 4 races off, it would seem that they would have to drop out, so the FIA are currently looking at their options. American channel Speed TV explained the 4 options the team may have:

  • Getting a finished car from a supplier like Dallara (who supplied Campos)
  • Merging with another team
  • Skip races to develop car, but then face FIA penalties
  • Withdraw from this year’s championship and reapply for 2010

At the moment, according to Nick Craw, President of the FIA Senate, he explained to Speed TV that USF1 have currently only asked for confirmation on the race-skipping rule. This rule says that 3 Grands Prix can be forfeited in exchange for penalties afterwards. It is unclear whether these would be financial or points penalties.

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