Kovalainen: We are lacking downforce

Heikki Kovalainen in the Lotus T127

Heikki Kovalainen in the Lotus T127

Lotus F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen has admitted that this year’s T127, Lotus’ first in 16 years, has a fundamental downforce problem. Today, in Jerez testing, he finished 3.2 seconds behind leader Mark Webber.

“I think the main issue is the downforce,” the former Renault and McLaren driver explained to reporters. “We have not been able to develop the aero package as we should have; we had five months to build the car and everything’s been a bit conservative. Before they started to design the car, they had no information about the engine, so cooling and everything is quite conservative.

“For sure, we can improve – just by looking at the car I could probably improve a few things; I’m sure we will be able to do this but it’ll just take a little time.”

“Once everybody in the UK – the design and manufacturing teams – begin working, we’ll be able to make big improvements.”

“I think it’s quite clear that we’re lacking downforce compared to the quickest cars. It’s not surprising, we expected it – but just looking at the numbers we knew where we were going to be.”

When the T127 was launched a few weeks ago, I actually noted the too simple rear wing design that the car had. It looks like this problem may haunt Lotus for some time.

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