Spy shot of new Lotus

The new Lotus F1 car

The new Lotus F1 car

A “spy shot” has been released by Autosport of the new Lotus F1 car.

Rather than the last “spy shots” we featured on the blog, this picture is actually properly done.

However, I’m slightly worried that the car isn’t good enough, at least aerodynamically. The front and rear wing are just very simple and block-like in shape. Look at the turning vanes on the side if you need any more convincing.

The livery is in tune with the one that Lotus had used ithe 1950’s and 1960’s, with the traditional green and yellow colours. It is unknown, however, if this is the livery that the team are to use for the season. We will find out on theie launch day, the 12th February.

This picture was taken at the car’s shakedown test in Silverstone yesterday. It was being driven by reserve driver Fairuz Fauzy. The car had been started up last Saturday, and Tony Fernandes stated on his Twitter feed:

“Shakedown started. Quite a few tears.”

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