New rule changes approved by F1 commission

The new rule changes to F1, such as the new points system, the top ten finishers keeping their tyres into the race, less tyres per weekend, and a ban on double-decker diffusers, have been accepted by the F1 commission.

The most important rule change is that to the points system. The new layout is as follows:

1st – 25 points
2nd – 18 points
3rd – 15 points
4th – 12 points
5th – 10 points
6th – 8 points
7th – 6 points
8th – 4 points
9th – 2 points
10th – 1 point

The main change is that to the difference between 1st and 2nd. There is now 7 points between them, instead of 5. This is to encourage drivers to try to go for the lead more. It seems to be a good change, compared to the old one.

Bridgestone F1 tyres

Bridgestone F1 tyres

Another change is that to the Q3 qualifyers’ tyres. Now, the top ten qualifyers will be forced to keep their tyres into the race. This means that there will be a mix of drivers on the hard and soft tyres in the top ten.

I have said already that this is a bad decicion. We were about to see pure qualifying, for the first time in a long while, but that’s out the window now. You can read more about this on my older post.

Next up is the reduction in the use of tyres over a weekend. Last year, each car was allocated 14 sets of slick tyres to use over the entire weekend. This year, there will only be 11 sets of tyres per driver.

Not only that, but 1 set will have to be returned to the FIA on first Friday practice, and 2 sets on second Friday practice. This will leave 8 sets for Saturday practice, qualifying, and the race. This rule is intended to encourage more running in the Friday practice sessions.

Not a bad idea this one, as it will bring more racing on Fridays. Not only this, but Bridgestone will have their costs hugely reduced. Maybe this is an idea to keep them in F1 after 2010.

Overall, apart from the Q3 tyre rule, these seem to be good changes. Hopefully it can bring better racing without ruining the sport itself.

The full statement from the FIA is available here.


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